Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Away From The Numbers... Or Not

I set up a Google Analytics account for this blog, just out of interest really. Also doing stuff like that makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile even when I'm not, so makes me feel less guilty about the fact that my time could be better spent doing examples papers. I don't quite know why, but I have something of a love for the detailed statistics of it. It could be a sciencey person thing, it could just be narcissism of the details for my own blog. Either way, the depth and detail Google provide is slightly insane.

You get the sort of expected stuff. How many pageviews the site got, how many people visited, et cetera. You also get less expected stuff, like the average time each person spent on the site, how many of the visits were from new people. Then stuff just gets pretty crazy.

Lets take the stats for December 28th...

I had 73 pageviews from 35 visits. These 35 visits were from 24 unique people. They spent an average of 1mins58 on the site each.
Of the 35 visits:
  • 54% used Firefox as their browser, 29% used Chrome
  • 22 were from the UK, 8 were from the USA, 2 from Netherlands, 1 each from Canada, Sweden and Belgium
  • 63% were people who had visited the site before
  • 37% were visiting the site for the first time, 23% for the second, 3% for the third, 18% for the 9-14th time
  • 11% of the people had last visited the site the day before, 9% two days ago, 43% earlier that day
  • 69% of visits were of a single page, 11% were of two pages, 11% of three, one visit was 17 pageviews long (presumably me doing something)
  • 94% were using Windows. Mac and Linux had 3% each (this thing also detects iPhones and stuff).
  • 94% were using 32-bit colour
  • 31% were using a screen resolution of 1280x800, 23% were using 1440x900, 17% were using 1366x768
  • 40% were using flash version 10.0 r32, 37% were using 10.0 r42
  • 86% have Java support
Now these aren't all the stats, just a few I've pulled up. And I have no idea what the fuck I'd use them for. I mean, I could see some of the technical ones actually genuinely being useful if you've got a site with plenty of media content on it - you don't want to create a site that a significant number of visitors can't view properly, but really I'm amazed that the Google script is even able to pull that shit up. I mean, my screen resolution, it can seriously find that out?

Even though this shit is completely useless to me, I still like the graphs and the numbers and the crazy shit it pulls up. I'm not going to spend all day looking at it, but it's pretty cool to have, and it's again an example of something I use that's pretty awesome and made by Google (I'm going to get into that another time).

Still, it makes me want to keep writing this blog and keep people visiting and stuff, if for no reason other than it gives me more stats to look at. You guys are all just numbers for my entertainment :)

As an aside, I've figured out how to add Nicovideo vids to this site, (thanks muf) and YouTube is already pretty easy to embed, so I should start sticking a bit more media into this thing aside from the basic webcomics and amusing images.

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  1. i don't use RSS and this is one of the sites that my internet batch script automatically opens up, so expect at least one visit per day from me. More if I'm feeling bored.