Sunday, 27 December 2009


So Christmas and Boxing Day have now been and gone. And I have to say, I enjoyed them. Perhaps not in the same amounts as I was hoping I might, but I had a fairly decent time.

Christmas swag:

- Money (duh)
- Family Guy t-shirt
- Books (The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins, Bad Science by some guy I can't remember, and a Liverpool-related one)
- A Tetris Cube, which I swear is like fucking impossible without a walkthrough video on YouTube
- Calendar
- Booze
- Chocolate
- Toiletries stuff
- Fancy ball-point pen and mechanical pencil set

There are also apparently a couple of things still waiting in the mail (my guess is one is Yotsuba&! Vol. 6 and the other I don't have a clue). Overall not the most exciting haul I've ever got, but I didn't ask for anything exciting so I'm not disappointed or anything. I did get a fair bit of money, so can't complain at all.

Christmas Day was pretty standard, with a really nice dinner at my Auntie and Uncle's place. It had smoked salmon and caviar, so nuff said really. Definitely wasn't expecting anything remotely that fancy but it was really welcome. Plus most of my family had never had caviar before (technically I haven't either, but I'd had salmon roe which is basically the same) and were a bit reluctant to try it, so all the more for me. I'd say I handled the drinking pretty well. I had a lot of champagne and four cans of Strongbow over the course of the evening, so was pretty merry without being stupidly drunk or feeling any after-effects this morning.

Went to the Liverpool v Wolves match today. Decent seats in the Anfield Road end, atmosphere was shite as usual and we didn't play that well. We did win 2-0 though, and Aquilani had a pretty good game, and Danny Pacheco (sp) looked especially promising for the last quarter of an hour or so that he came on. The three points are what really matter, and we got them.

Plus people saying their red card was "lucky" on our part are fucking retarded. Same for those saying our players shouldn't have crowded the referee when he booked the wrong player. I understand people calling for cards to be shown or penalties and crowding the ref is bad and frowned upon, but when the referee makes a clear, undeniable mistake like he did today, and the players crowd around him to point this out, then I don't think there's an issue. Fact is that the players weren't crowding round for a yellow to be given. It might have been a soft yellow, but our players weren't pushing for that. The referee and his linesman had decided between them already that it was a bookable offence, and the Liverpool players were just complaining that the wrong player had been booked. Second yellow, sending off, no real argument.

It's raining right now, and thank god. I'm sick of this damn compacted snow/ice shit that's covering the pavements. It's literally like walking on an ice rink to try and get anywhere now, unless you just choose to walk in the road. Bit of rain should melt the ice a bit more quickly than the slightly-above-zero air temperature.

So Christmas 2009 is over now, bring on the New Year's festivities. In the meantime I've got a shitload of work to do, because I've currently done nothing as far as examples papers go. I've done the wiki for the Mahjong society, and I've done a few other little side-jobs. I've also done some work setting up this blog and faffing with the layout (which now has two sets of Google ads, though I've put them in places I consider to be pretty out of the way so they're not intrusive), but I've yet to do any proper hard Engineering work since I got back. Need to step it up this week or it's going to get a bit ridiculous what with the Biarritz camp and stuff.

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