Monday, 28 December 2009

Arson Fail, Harry Potter, God Is An Astronaut

This is slightly old news, seeing as I saw it on Philip DeFranco's show on like Thursday, but I found it was funny, and I couldn't really fit it in over Christmas. This being the story of a man who tried to firebomb his ex-girlfriend's home, but got the wrong house. Which is a pretty spectacular fuck up as they go.

I mean, if you've been going out with a girl long enough, and you're so attached to her that you're going to try and burn her house down when she breaks up with you, then you'd think you'd at least know her address properly. Shame he got the wrong house, because nothing says "we should get back together" like burning their home down. I imagine the guy was drunk, crazy or very stupid or, more likely, a combination of the three.

Tonight we had the grandparents over for Sunday dinner, which was absolutely fantastic I must say, and then we watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Which was interesting for me, because I've read the book and therefore knew roughly what was going to happen, but at the same time I read it years ago and I couldn't remember properly, so the film still had twists for me. That said, I think it was still a pretty boring film. I guess there are certain things that just don't translate well from a text to the screen, and a book that's mostly building to the final part, and is therefore mostly aside plot development and conversation without much action, isn't going to be the greatest film ever.

Plus I've sort of grown tired with the Harry Potter series. I eagerly awaited every single book, except for Deathly Harrows, which I read like six months after it came out. I don't really know why I suddenly stopped really caring about the series, whether I grew out of it or whether I just felt that the ending was never really going to match the expectations that it had built up. That said, Harry Potter at least deserved the hype and the fandom that it got more than Twilight does. JK Rowling does at least know how to write in proper English better than your average 14 year old.

I've been listening to God Is An Astronaut a lot recently (click here for and full track streams). While their music is instrumental, I think it's really good. The songs are both melodic and powerful, and I like the way that the energy ebbs and flows throughout the songs. I can't really say whether people would like them or not, and I'd say any fan of rock music who isn't offended by a lack of vocals should definitely check them out. They're pleasant, and nothing weird unlike bands such as 65daysofstatic. If nothing else, it's exceptionally good ambient music for while I'm doing work (which I even did a few hours of today!).

Thinking about going to see them in London on Feb 17th. Tickets are £10 (ie cheap) and if anyone is interested in joining me then say and I'll get us tickets. It's also probably worth noting that they usually have custom videos to fit the music projected onto a screen behind them, so for the size of the band and the type of music, it's usually a pretty good show.

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