Friday, 18 December 2009

Hello World

Oh hay gais, look at my new blog!

Yeah, the title of the blog is a bit dumb, but I like referencing things, and what better than to name a new project that I'm most likely going forget about after an old project which I forgot about? I'm totally open to new name suggestions by the way, if anyone has any. Also apologies for the rather generic theme, but I can't really be bothered tweaking it too much more than I already have, and I think it looks reasonably nice.

This is basically here because I can't be bothered with my LiveJournal any more, and haven't bothered with it for about six months for that matter. There are aspects of LJ that I just find a little irksome, and blogspot seems like a better site. I gave up with my LJ because I found it to be a little bit of a bother to update, but mostly because I felt that only a handful of people were reading it anyway. Since then I've spoken to a few people who said that they used to read (and even enjoy) it, and I guess if I'd known that I would have made a bit more effort to fill it with content.

Really I'm just a bit of a narcissist. If people are paying attention to what I do, then I'll keep doing it. I guess I could spin that and say that I take pleasure out of knowing people enjoy what I write, but I'm not sure that's entirely truthful (though I do). Really the difference between this and LJ is that I think it's easier for people to actually keep track of when I'm posting things through various blog feed tools, and also more people have accounts with Google than with LJ, so hopefully I'll see more feedback on the blog itself. Plus I can make tiny amounts of money from Google ads at the bottom of the page.

It's been suggested by a few people that I start a blog, so I have. I don't quite know exactly what I'm going to fill this with. Probably just stuff I see around the interwebs, a bit of opinion, and maybe just some stuff that's going on in my life. We'll see what sort of stuff ends up being on here, because it'll all depend on what I feel inspired to write about, and what I think is worth people's time reading it. I don't really understand people who just have blogs as essentially online diaries, filling it with the general crap that goes on in their everyday lives, because most of it is pretty boring drivel (it doesn't help it's usually poorly written as well), and I don't get why anyone would care to read it.

So yeah, hey there to anyone reading this, and if you like what I write then subscribe or whatever and comment. I sound like a shitty attention whore from YouTube for saying that, but the fact is that it'll keep me interested with this and I'll be far more eager to keep writing content.

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