Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I've always viewed making resolutions for the next year as being a bit like communism or voice recognition software - one of those things that seems great in principle but doesn't turn out that way in reality. I'm pretty sure I make them almost every year, but I'm also pretty sure that I then ignore and forget about them by the time we get to around the 5th of January. I made four Tetris resolutions at the start of 2009. I've done a grand total of... err... none of them.

They were a bit ambitious perhaps, but the fact is I wasn't playing Tetris specifically to try and complete goals I made at the start of the year. I don't really have that attitude for life either. I'm mostly playing things as they come, rather than working my entire life and the choices I make around pre-determined goals. I prefer versatility in my life, to cross my bridges as I get to them and when I want to, and to let my ambitions and goals change over time. But hey, in the spirit of things lets make a few anyway, just so I can look back in 12 months and see how many I completely and utterly failed to fulfil:

  • Get a 2.1 or higher in the end of year exams
  • Focus my time a little better, spend more of it doing what I'm actually meant to be doing
  • Get back into talking to people who I've drifted out of touch with
  • Get me one of those woman things. Preferably a non-crazy one. 
  • Get TAP Master M and Death Gm. Which shouldn't be that fucking hard considering I could do either this week with a lucky run.
  • Actually go to sleep when I intend to, rather than staying up on MSN, IRC and Facebook for another two hours
  • Over Lent and May bumps, average out bumping more often than being bumped - not totally under my control but something to work towards anyway.
  • Get the Riichi Mahjong Society properly registered (preferably before the 2010 freshers' fair) and established as a real society.
  • Learn how to hold my tongue sometimes when people are being idiotic, and be a bit less abrasive.
None of these are particularly stunning resolutions, but I think I'll strive to mediocrity. I would like to look back on 2010 this time next year as a year where I met expectations and didn't fuck up, rather than being depressed at how I didn't over-achieve as I hoped I would. Plus I'm fucking shit at meeting ambitious targets. If I know they're ambitious I feel no pressure to actually fulfil them, and when you couple that with the fact that meeting ambitious targets is difficult and needs a fair bit of effort, it means I usually don't. I planned to re-do all 23 examples papers from last term over the Christmas break.  So far we've got about four or five days left and I've done 2. I've not even finished all of the ones I really need to do because they're ones I've not done before, rather than just revision.

So I'm going for best out of nine with those resolutions. In 12 months I want to have done 5 or more, which really shouldn't be too difficult. I'll actually be pretty pissed off with myself if I've not, so I guess I'm setting myself up for failure just much as I'm aiming to not set myself up for disappointment.

We shall see. They are here, they are in writing, and who knows, I might actually check back on them sometime between now and 31st December 2010.

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