Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Spirit Of Christmas

I think it was AOL who first said it, and it was something I'd not realised applied to me until he did. I'm at that age now where presents really aren't what I care about any more about Christmas. I mean, they're nice and all, but the little kid inside me who would be massively excited about the new stuff he was about the receive is now pretty much gone. I think he was gone a year or two actually. Right now I sort of have a "oh, it's Christmas on Friday" attitude, when a few years ago I'd have been more along the lines of "OH YES ONLY THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS".

Not that I'm not looking forward to all the festivities in a few days. Christmas dinner should be good, the presents I do get should be decent, I'm going to see Liverpool v Wolverhampton on Boxing Day (man I'll be pissed if we don't win) and I think this whole weekend should be pretty good fun. But it's the whole festive experience that I'm now looking forward to, not just the stuff I'm getting on Christmas morning. The meal and going round to visit various relatives in the evening and Boxing Day are now things I'm looking forward to, rather than time I'd spend massively frustrated at not being able to play with all the stuff I'd just gotten.

That said, I'll probably regret thinking this after people have had a couple of drinks and the standard family arguing starts. I'll wonder why the fuck I ever bothered looking forward to my nan repeatedly spouting garbage about the current world, my auntie and sisters arguing over stuff that happened in their childhoods, my granddad making the occasional racist comment on tourists or foreign workers...

Yeah, I think I'm actually looking forward to the presents most after all.

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