Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sword Of The Stranger

This was shown at the CUAMS squash at the start of last year, along with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I watched TGWLTT at the squash, but I had other stuff I wanted to do that evening, so I didn't bother staying for Sword Of The Stranger. If I'm honest, I think I made the wrong choice, because it is an extremely good film.

To not give away any spoilers, it's your standard action/samurai sort of film, not massively different from the likes of Hero. An ex-warrior samurai, who happens to be one of the greatest warriors ever, befriends some young boy who is being hunted by a group of expert Chinese fighters who want to capture him.

The film starts off a little slow, but it builds quite well and the last 40 minutes or so are extremely good. The visuals are excellent, as is generally expected with this sort of feature film, considering they've got a proper animation studio working on it (BONES). The story is compelling and well written, and the character development through the film is good.

I'd say it's the best anime film of it's genre that I've seen, and absolutely worth checking out if people haven't seen it.

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