Monday, 21 December 2009

Voice Of The Voiceless

Rage Against The Machine currently #1 in the UK Singles Chart. It's actually for the first time (their previous best being 8th with Bulls On Parade), which I guess doesn't surprise me because they're hardly mainstream in the UK.

I could just add my comments on this and repeat what most media outlets and people have already said, but I won't. It's pretty obvious that this is a great victory by fans of real music against the current status quo in the music industry, but really in the grand scale of thing it's meaningless. We've won the battle, but the war is still well and truly in the hands of Simon Cowell and co. If the X Factor single isn't #1 next week I'll be extremely surprised. Still, it'd be nice if this could happen every year, and if nothing else it's raised a good amount of money for charity.

Plus Rage have promised and confirmed a free thank-you show for fans in the UK, which is absolutely awesome news. Aside from announcing multiple shows, the only better news would be that they're reforming for good and working on a new album.

This weekend got off to a massively shitty start with Liverpool losing to Portsmouth. I was seriously pissed after that. We were awful aside from the first 20 minutes, and once Mascherano was sent off we just looked like we'd already decided the world was against us and didn't care any more. There just didn't seem to be belief in the squad.

However, I got my Azumanga Daioh omnibus this week, so reading a bit of that cheered me up and I stopped caring. Then Man Utd lost 3-0 anyway, so all was good.

Azumanga Daioh really is a fantastic manga. I loved the TV series, but it just seems so much funnier in the 4-panels. It's also way more convenient. As proven on Saturday, even if I'm in one of the darkest moods ever, I can just pick it up, read it for ten minutes, and then suddenly I'm cheered up again. It's fantastic medicine for the soul.

Saturday was also interesting for the announcement of a new fan-made multiplayer Tetris game. It's buggy as hell right now, but from the direction in which development has gone thus far, and the responses from the creator, it seems like it could really be an excellent game once it's finished. Because to be honest the Tetris world still lacks a proper online VS game, excluding Blockbox which is good aside from some lag issues and being browser-based.

Finally, Saturday saw massacre's bash quote on the front page of, which was pretty awesome. Sparked some amusing IRC chat and it was nice for about four different people to comment that they'd just found a quote including me on Reddit. For anyone who cares, the full quote is here.

Today (Sunday, even though it's technically 1:22am Monday) has been pretty uneventful. My internet died for the afternoon and I was just getting a BT "service unavailable" page, so spent most of the afternoon just watching Kanon and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which was good I guess. I like Kanon, and I see why it's paralleled with Clannad, but at the same time I feel the enjoyment comes from two different areas. Kanon is funnier and (way) more moe (Uguuu~), but the story so far seems to have far less depth than Clannad. Clannad at times brought me on the verge of tears, which really increased my opinion of it, while I can't see Kanon involving me or having storyline to that sort of level yet.

This evening I went round to the grandparents for dinner, which was nice except my gran decided to make some sort of weird tomato bolognese sauce instead of gravy, which IMO didn't go very well considering we were having lamb. I'll take meat-based sauce over vegetable/fruit-based any day of the week. She said she did it because it was healthier and had less calories, which is probably exactly why I wasn't that much of a fan. More calories almost always means tastier which always means better.


  1. Featured in a bash quote which reached the reddit front page? I think that's my life ambition.

  2. Really? Man, I can't decide which is funnier between Clannad and Kanon, but I found Kanon way more depressing and touching. Watching Clannad after, every arc seemed like.. plain and uninspired.

  3. I only just got to the part where Kanon has started to take a turn to for the depressing. Seems a bit similar to the Fuko arc if I'm honest, but they've dragged it out a bit less.

    Maybe the order they're watched in matters quite a bit, because they really do seem to be pretty much the exact same show, just altered a bit.