Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Winter 2010 Anime Season

Coming up to the back end of December now, and the current series have pretty much all finished (Frostii's Kimi ni Todoke hasn't because we're being fucking slow =P ), so time for a proper look ahead to the next season's stuff.

To be honest, the season isn't looking all that great. There are a couple of shows of note, but the vast majority of the shows are series which should be pretty poor. Obviously with none of them having aired a single episode, it's hard to say anything concrete about the quality, but I'll speculate anyway...

Durarara!! -  This is written by the same guy who did Baccano! (and who seems to be a fan of exclamation marks), so I'd guess it'll probably be a pretty decent plot at least. It sort of remains to be seen whether it will actually meet the same sort of quality of Baccano, but I'd like to hope that it does.

Vampire Bund, Hidamari Sketch - These are both by SHAFT, so usually I'd be slavering all over them and proclaiming them to be the most awesome shows ever. However, SHAFT have done two shows in one season before, and it's never really fared that well for them. I quite like the Hidamari Sketch manga from what I've read, but I've yet to see any of the anime. As for Vampire Bund, I've seen the trailer for it and don't really know what to make of it. The animation seems to be classic SHAFT, but I'm not so sure about the loli vampires. It does seem pretty fucking violent though. We'll see.

Hanamaru Kindergarten - By far the show I'm looking forward to the most. What I've read of the manga is really funny, and it should be really good comedy. Sure, it seems to have a paedotastic Kodomo no Jikan-esque storyline to it, but the animation style seems far too in line with Potemayo for it to feel dirty. Sure, it's about a five year old girl trying to seduce her kindergarten teacher, but it's presented in a way that is far more comical than sordid and perverse. There's talks in IRC trying to get enough Frostii staff on board to sub it as an extra series, and I'd definitely want in on that.

Nodame Cantabile S3 - Worth a mention, probably will be decent, but I've not seen the first two series so I can't really give much of an opinion on it. I'll probably watch it at some point in a backlog along with the first two series (the first is on my to-watch list anyway), but I won't be following it as it airs.

Hellsing Ultimate VII - Released today, and it'll be absolutely awesome. The Ultimate series has shown how the TV series should have been done.  It's excellent so far and I love every part of it, and I see no reason why the climactic finale that is the seventh episode should be any different to the first six. Decent fansubs are probably going to take a while though, given Funimation have scared most major groups out of doing it.

Ookamikakushi and Boku Otaryman - I'm working on both of these series with Frostii (Ookami depends on CrunchyRoll not taking it), and hoping they're both going to be pretty good. Otaryman looks like it should be funny, though it's a single OVA anyway, so hardly going to be a chore if it isn't. Ookami looks very much like it's going to be along the lines of Higurashi from the synopsis, so fingers crossed it should be decent.

Weiß Survive R and Chu-Bra - I'm fully expecting these to both be utterly shit. However, Weiß Survive R has vague nudity on the promo pic, which means it'll probably be worth checking out just for lulz, and the synopsis for Chu-Bra sounded so hilariously shallow, awful and fanservice-y that I'm expecting it to be so bad it's good. Or maybe just really bad, but I'll still check out the first episode or two.

Out of the rest of the series, none of them have struck me as being worthy of looking into that much. I doubt I'll bother paying any attention to any of them unless someone specifically recommends one to me.

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