Thursday, 31 December 2009

xkcd sucks

OK, before people reading this are all "FFS Chris, another xkcd rant? Find something new to bitch about!" this isn't a rant. It's something that I've just found that's a bit weird and it's the most fitting and attention grabbing post title I could think of.

I was browsing through Google Analytics this morning, because I jizz over that sort of shit (see yesterday's post) and also because I was pretty bored, and was flicking through the referral sites to this blog. Basically, where people who view this blog have come from, assuming they've clicked a link somewhere. Most of these I can place pretty easily. The majority are from, which makes sense because that's the referral site for anyone who clicks the posts on my Facebook feeds, which I assume is how most people read this. There are also a fair few from Tetrisconcept, which makes sense because it's in my sig there, and also just Facebook, which is presumably people clicking my profile link. All pretty boring and explainable, except for two visits referred from, which I couldn't explain.

So I figure that either it's a blog of someone I know linking to me, which is relevant because I'd like to follow the blog if it's by someone I know, or it's someone I don't know linking to me, which would be pretty cool. I check it out, and it doesn't seem to be by anyone I know, and it also doesn't seem to link to my blog whatsoever. I can't figure out why it's a referral site for this blog. There's not even been any activity on it since August 2009, so months before this thing even existed. The only explanation I've been able to come up with is that there are some phdcomics images on that site (he also has the same issue I get where it cuts the image off), and while looking through a few yesterday via Google images which happened to be on that blog, I've then come to here just through the address bar, and it's counted it as a referral. Which is like the lamest, most depressing possible explanation.

What did really amuse me though (and made the whole discovery that a cool new referral to this blog was just me browsing the web worthwhile) was the last post on that blog being about which is quite hilariously relevant to discussions I've had with people during the last week or two.

I actually knew of xkcdsucks a while back, I just forgot about it. As of today I'm following it though. The guy might be a little bit nitpicky and overly critical about it, and he seems to hate it a lot more than I do, but his opinions and thoughts on the webcomic are basically the same as mine. Especially the "We're quirky... and so is our relationship!" points, because those strips are the ones that piss me off the most, and the fact that just making a reference to something nerdy is not humour in itself (oh shit blog title). Overall he just does what I would do if I had the time and cared enough to do it, and for the most part it's pretty good.

So yeah, I'm done with xkcd bashing now because that guy just does it more passionately and thoroughly anyway. People who also dislike xkcd should read it, people who like xkcd should read it even more to educate themselves a little.

On other things, I'll be going to France for a week soon, so I'll have to break my chain of daily posts onto this. Or maybe I won't, because I can schedule posts on Blogger and write the week's posts all up beforehand. Except writing seven posts in one go would be a bit of a bitch, and I'm going to end up breaking the combo anyway when Uni work starts, rowing starts, the new anime series and therefore fansubbing work starts, and I suddenly have no time for anything.

I couldn't be bothered finding a relevant comic or anything for this post, so here's just a Nicovideo of a kitty playing with a tube:

It appears that this doesn't work if you view this through the networkedblogs window thing because scripts are disabled, so click the link in the top right of the window and view it on the proper page. Or click the Japanese text above if you've got a Nicovideo account, which most of you won't. For those not familiar with moontube vids, you can disable comments with the button in the bottom right.

PS: There was also someone who had found my site searching 'sauce for great justice' on Google. Crazy bastard.

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