Monday, 18 January 2010


So damn busy with work. Everything fucking bunches itself up into one little corner of the week. Damn IDP project stuff and supervision work and rowing and Frostii stuff all ends up leaving me with very little time for important things like sleep and personal hygiene and the like (don't worry, still showering).

And fuck I had to do my laundry today, and I've forgotten, so I'm not sure if I actually have clean underwear for tomorrow. I think I do, or at least I hope I do... maybe shouldn't be putting this in a public blog.

So yeah, too much work and shit to do today, instead I'll just cop out of writing a proper post and replace real blog content with things like news of a Swedish Weight Watchers group who collapsed the floor of their clubroom (sorry tada, no pics of members). And also this video of a cat in a box:

This is the main reason why I can't ever get a cat. I could just spend my entire time playing with it (read: teasing it) and not ever get anything productive done. Judging by the number of videos that guy has of his cat (I can't even count them) that's all he does too.

There'll be some real blog posting at the back end of the week, when stuff clears up and I almost certainly find myself bored and with nothing to do.


  1. Haha, fer cute. Gotta love cats, but they /can/ be boring at times, unless you're weirdly obsessive. :x

  2. I notice a TPDFS link there lawl