Wednesday, 13 January 2010

High And Dry

So today (now technically yesterday) was actually a pretty decent day. Sure, I had an exam I've done pretty badly on, but at the same time I've not completely failed it, and I think I've done OK given the amount of preparation. I reckon I could have fucked it up a lot more.

Really, my main issue right now is just time management. I still badly need to face a shopping trip and buy some food, as well as various other little jobs that I sort of have to do, but are also a bit tedious and they all add up in terms of finding time to do stuff. I've still got a few examples papers outstanding too. Plus I'd like to write up a Biarritz blog post thing while I can actually remember most of the shit that went on.

Just got through some of the work I had backlogged for Frostii. Ookami Kakushi, Omamori Himari and Durarara! are the three shows that I'm currently working on, which is going to be a bit of a step up from just having the workload of one show last season. I have no fucking clue what any of them are like yet because I've yet to watch the first episode of any of them.
Hanamaru Kindergarten fell through because CrunchyRoll licensed it and our translator backed out as a result. It's a bit disappointing because I've watched the first episode and it seems pretty good so far, and I reckon I'd have enjoyed working on it, but oh well.

While I was in France I got a fair bit of reading done, primarily finishing the second Seikai novel and I've also read a fair bit of The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins. Personally I'm actually not a fan of The God Delusion. I agree with most of the points that it gets across, but in writing it I think that Dawkins has basically placed himself out there to the common person as a heathen atheist God-basher. In some ways I guess he is, but primarily he's an excellent scientist and writer on evolution and biology, yet now some of the people who most need to read his scientific works won't touch them because of his atheist association. The God Delusion, for me at least, was basically preaching to the converted. It was interesting, it made some good points, but I didn't gain a huge amount from it. The Greatest Show on Earth, on the other hand, I have found massively educational and informative. It really does offer not only a good explanation of some of the basic principles of evolution, but presents hard evidence and some seriously good arguments for why the theory of evolution is correct.

I really would recommend everyone read it, because I don't think there are many who wouldn't at least learn from it. Evolution sceptics should read it just to educate themselves, but others should read it because it'll still be very educational, and I at least have found it very interesting so far. At the very least I plan on using it as a source of inspiration for a few blog posts, which will basically paraphrase excerpts in response to specific arguments against creationism. If nothing else, I find that the book has filled in the gaps in my knowledge for when I get shoved into an argument with a creationist. Hopefully even the non-retarded readers of the posts will also learn and benefit from it, because the evidence, theories and mechanisms behind evolution are largely glossed over in education and media and misunderstood by the majority of people.

Those posts won't be for a bit though, because I currently don't have the time to give them the attention I'd want to, and I'm trying to avoid any confrontations with creationists while I've got better things to do. I'll try and at least make a start on writing about the last week tomorrow, once I've got other, more important things sorted out.

Here's to me hopefully being able to use this week to make up for all the shitty procrastination I did over the break.

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