Saturday, 2 January 2010

Last Post Before I Disappear For A Bit, Take 2

OK, let's try writing something when I'm not tired, overworked and in a bit of a rush.

Biarritz from Monday. Quite excited. The weather forecast doesn't look too great, but 10-15°C is a lot better than the ~0°C I've gotten used to for the past couple of weeks. It looks like it's going to absolutely piss it down for most of the week, which doesn't really bother me. I don't have any waterproof pants though, so I'll probably have to buy some tomorrow in Cambridge. Alex, if you read this, remind me at some point.

I'm sort of curious to know what'll happen if the weather is so bad we can't actually row. It'll be shit for the guys who have gone there wanting to train, but for me it won't really make a huge amount of difference, and it could be pretty fun. I say could be fun, it almost certainly won't because we'll just be doing land training instead, which would be boring as hell for me. If the weather is OK and the water isn't too cold, I might give sculling a go and capsize for a while. If not I'll just wait until Easter term to try it out.

So everything is packed. Not actually sure how this is all going to fit in the car. It's mostly just what I brought home going to Cambridge again, plus a guitar, but it looks like too much stuff to actually fit in. I'm pretty sure I've packed everything, but it's hard to get rid of that niggling paranoia that there's stuff you've forgotten. When I went to the Netherlands to stay with Muf, I swear I checked like a dozen times that my passport and Euros were definitely in my bag. Especially when I take it out for stuff because I'm always like SHIT DID I REMEMBER TO PUT IT BACK. Or I think I might not have zipped up the pocket properly and it could have fallen out. Better safe than sorry I guess.
I always get paranoid through security too. Flying itself doesn't bother me, I have no real issue being in a plane several tens of thousands of feet in the air. But airports make me uneasy as fuck. Just the whole security process, and the fact that I've got fucking ages sitting around on my arse when I can worry about shit I can't do anything about. Shouldn't be so bad this time as it was last time I flew, because I'm travelling with other people to take my mind of things, and there are other people who are responsible for the trip, not me. 

On to some random stuff:

Picture of the day, in slight tribute to the Comiket 77 that has just happened, and it filling the latest uploads on lolipower with shit I don't care about for the next few weeks:

Also a good side-by-side comparison of people who give cosplay a bad name, and people who definitely don't. Still not particularly keen on it myself though. 

I managed to cut myself on a plug while packing. Yes, the things you put into the wall sockets for electricity, and yes I'm that retarded.

Would like to say to the Orbital guys that I really enjoyed the group convo last night. It stopped me doing work and kept me up until 5am, but going to bed late last night is going to help me get to sleep earlier tonight, when it matters. Plus all the sexual/body talk and topless pics was reasonably good fun. Shame I won't really have much time to do any more while I'm at Uni, but it was nice to be in contact with you guys some more, because I don't really talk all that much to most of you now. Not as much as I'd like to at least.

Also, quote of the day (not that I've ever had one before) goes to Daz:
<harmonicks> I thought guys kept a condom in their wallet at all times
<daz> yeah of course we do
<daz> no man should go without his trusty portable cock bag

 Not often I laugh so hard that I nearly spray my drink everywhere, but using the term "cock bag" for condom tickled me.

So yeah, this is almost definitely the last post I'll make until Monday 11th that you guys won't have already read. I'm only cross-posting Facebook stuff for completeness, and I just figure it makes sense to do it while I'm not around to write proper stuff.

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