Thursday, 14 January 2010

Rowing and Suicides

Back to the joys of pre-8am outings. They probably won't be that bad when my sleep cycle resets a little bit, but when I'm used to post-10am starts my body does not fucking like them. Hopefully after a week or so I'll be a little more switched on and less dozy because I'm not quite as tired.

Speaking of tired, I did club circuits this evening. Usually I don't because it clashes pretty much completely with Thursday CUAMS meetings, which take priority (at least considering I'm a cox and fitness is less important for me). No CUAMS today, so I figured I might as well go. Which in hindsight was a bit of a retarded move. The main problem I have with exercise is that I don't do it regularly. What I do is let my body ferment for a few weeks, and then kill myself doing a crapload of exercise at once. All it really does is cause me to ache for a few days and not really achieve anything. If I'm not still sore by Sunday I'll be surprised.

On the topic of sports and pain, video of the day:

Seen it a shitload of times, still wince-worthy.

KIT IS FINALLY COMING. About fucking time too, seriously. It was ordered at the start of November, was mean to arrive by December, and come the middle of January it still isn't here. That's like... over 100% late. Apparently there's a free DCBC embroidered beanie for everyone to apologise for the lateness of the order. I'm not usually one to be swayed by bribes, but fuck it. A free hat is a free hat.

Fuck Liverpool. Last night was so fucking bad I can't even bring myself to write anything about it. Made even worse by Torres being out for six weeks.

* * * * *

Something interesting I read today was BBC Magazine page one railway suicides. Personally I think I'm insensitive enough to say that if people want to kill themselves, they can at least not be a fucking pain in the arse for the rest of society and do it some way that doesn't inconvenience hundreds of people while the trains all get stopped. If you're going to go, you should at least do your best to go quietly, or if you need to make the headlines then be more creative and find a less irritating way to do it.

I think suicide is still viewed a little bit too strongly by society. We've gotten past attempted suicide being illegal, but I think we still care too much about things like assisted suicide. Ultimately we are all different people, we're all entitled to our own choices. It's a bit harsh to say that we're all overpopulated and people are doing the rest of us a favour by taking themselves out of the world, but really I don't see why this isn't how people see things.

Fact is, especially with the likes of terminal illness, that it's economically beneficial for the rest of us if the person involves dies earlier. I wouldn't force people to die earlier than they have to if they don't want to - I think that's a massive violation of human rights, but if they want to die then really, where's the issue? I can understand that things get more complicated than that, with people saying they want to die when perhaps they don't really want to, or old people feeling they should just get themselves out the way, but I question the extent to which that actually happens. If you genuinely want to live, then is it really that easy to bring yourself to death? Maybe it's my mindset, but I don't see how people could possibly accept death if it wasn't completely what they wanted.

Personally, I'm massively against the taking of life when it's not desired by the person involved. I think the death penalty is horrific, and I question how America can really call itself civilised when it still uses it in many states. I think it's massively wrong to deny someone their choice to live, and at the same time I feel that it's a similar issue to deny someone their choice to die. To be able to do so in a reasonably painless way, with their family around them. It was brought up in a recent episode of House, and I don't think it's really too uncommon for doctors to use euthanasia in a discreet way that goes unnoticed, especially if the patient is terminally ill and in a lot of pain.

Would be interested to hear opinions from people on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Personally, I think that at least in certain cases it should definitely be illegal in the UK. I think we place far too much emphasis on people staying alive, and I don't understand it, especially if they spend their days in extreme depression or pain. If they're of sound mind, then they should be able to make the decision to die, and they should be able to do it in as pleasant a way as practical, rather than jumping in front of a moving train.

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