Saturday, 23 January 2010

"Unable To Open Outlook Window"

Turn on my computer today, got the message in the title of the blog. Really not a great thing, given that Outlook is basically what I revolve my life around. It tells me when to be places, it gives me emails. I can't have it just not work.

I restart my computer, load Outlook, same message. Fuck.

OK, first port of call for anyone who has a problem with computers and isn't a complete retard: Google. Searched for the error message, the autocomplete finds it as the first result at "Unable to o...", search, get taken to Microsoft's support page for the problem. All is good until I notice that the page only shows two solutions. One is to put outlook.exe back out of compatibility mode, which it isn't in for the first place because I'm not fucktarded. I don't know why anyone would even do that in the first place, and if you change the compatibility mode of something and it stops working, surely changing it back would be the first fucking thing you'd do.

The second is to delete all the profiles stuff in the registry. I don't know why the fuck they even have you do it that way, because by deleting the profiles stuff you're basically just wiping Outlook. You might as well just reinstall it. I renamed the "Profiles" folder to "lol" and opened Outlook, and as I expected I had completely vanilla Outlook. It worked, sure, which was an improvement, but it was still completely and utterly blank.

So I'm faced with three options. Either I keep looking for a way to solve it without erasing everything, I just suck it up and reconfigure Outlook, or I switch to Thunderbird or some other program while I'm at it. I figured that for the moment I might as well go for the first option, so I searched through Google a bit more.

It didn't take me long to find this alternative solution. What's more, this solution not only worked, but it didn't require me to erase my entire fucking Outlook profile in the process. Typing a single line into the Run prompt and I'm suddenly back to a fully functioning version of Outlook and my life is happy again.

So fuck you Microsoft for not including what is actually the best solution to the problem in that page. Or any of the other ones that give the same error. And thank you for providing it instead.

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