Sunday, 7 February 2010

An Appertiser

I'll make this a brief life update before hopefully writing something proper tomorrow. Depends how Engineering and Frostii work goes.

I'm in a mixed mood. Partially in a good mood because Liverpool won the Merseyside derby today with an excellent performance considering they spent an hour of the game with only ten men. I also had a pretty nice evening at the Sri Lankan Society ball thing (despite not remotely being Sri Lankan myself).

Partially in a shit mood because of stuff that happened yesterday, where I ended up being a prime culprit for something that I didn't actually fucking do. I wasn't that annoyed by it, more just the fact that it seemed so ridiculously like it could have been me that did it, except it wasn't. Not going to say anything more specific just because this is a public blog and it's not stuff I'd want to take into a public domain and end up potentially causing more shit as a result. I'm also in a bit of a shit mood because I've got a supervision at 10am tomorrow that I've yet to finish the work for. Note that tomorrow is a Sunday.

Yeah, a supervision on a fucking Sunday. It's a double length one as well - two hours long. I thought it was bad last year when I had supervisions on a Saturday afternoon, but Sunday just takes the piss. I'm tempted to claim that I'm religious and therefore can't go, because it's just daft. It surely must suck for the supervisor as well, given that he's got to supervise for 12 hours on a Sunday, and I don't get why he's scheduled it for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a bit more work done tonight and at least have a decent amount finished to go through tomorrow, because I guess I might as well try and make the most of it.

Looking overall to be a pretty nice week, and I can't see an obvious point where work is going to bunch up and get on top of me if I keep up with stuff. Frostii work will inevitably find a way to fuck me over, but I'm used to that now. It was typical that when I had a three day lull this week in work, every single project I'm working on was stalled and not giving me stuff to do. I generally don't get that much subbing stuff to do, and really if I end up being overloaded it's my own fault for not getting work done while I could, as it is right now.

I should have some free time tomorrow afternoon/evening, and I've not really posted here for a few days, so there'll be a proper opinion post tomorrow instead of shitty life stuff that nobody really wants to read.

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