Tuesday, 2 February 2010

College Internet

I don't know what the fuck the problem is this term, or last term, but the DNS server in the college has just been completely fucking shit recently. It's a pain in the arse that everything that uses the internet is still connected fine, but I can't access webpages. MSN works, IRC works, StrongDC works, Āµtorrent works, the whole fucking lot all work fine, but when I open Firefox I frequently find myself unable to load any fucking webpages.

I'd complain to the computer officer about it, because frankly it's something that should have long been sorted out given that it essentially renders the college internet access broken for sizeable intermittent periods throughout the day. The only thing that's stopping me complaining is that I don't really want the computer officer looking at my internet usage any more than he ever normally has to. I don't visit any particularly dodgy sites, but there's a fair bit of filesharing going on, some pornographic material, visits to 4chan, and a various other things I'd rather avoid putting under scrutiny if I can help it.

It's sort of amusing, because the internet here is otherwise absolutely fantastic. Torrents don't connect that well, but I still can't complain about 100Mbps internet, and the fact is I can use DC for all my filesharing needs. I expect my internet to give me shit at home, where the speeds are slow and the connection is a bit flaky (and my, how it can be flaky), but at Uni I expect pages to actually load when I try to load them.

The real moral of this story is that the issue is easily solved by using Open DNS, which is free and is working fine for me so far. Providing you can get the connection to hold up long enough for you to set it up, you're pretty much sorted from then on. So Downing peoples, use that, and never have to complain that the fucking internet won't load any gorram webpages again.

Totally unrelated, but I got a double yakuman hand on Tenhou yesterday, which made my day pretty fucking sweet. Also managed to get caught up with work, so hopefully I can stay caught up.

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