Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lent Bumps 2010

So the rowing is now over until next term, and the Downing campaign has been pretty damn successful, although not as successful as we might have liked it to be.

I was on the bank pretty much all afternoon on Thursday, supporting every single Downing boat racing on the day. MIII got bumped, in no small part down to having an injury and the resultant sub producing some absolutely shocking rowing.

WII had a day off, while MII bumped Homerton I pretty emphatically. I was on the bank recording it, and managed to get their whole race from about 20 seconds until the gun and onwards:

I was recording it on my phone, and the quality is a bit crappy as a result. Also found that it's really difficult to cycle, record, and not drop the phone at the same time. If I'd had a proper camera with a hand-strap I'd have got better footage, but that is what it is. The spazzy bit after the bump is because the only working brake on my bike is on the right handlebar, and I was using my right hand to record, so had to sacrifice footage so that I didn't crash my bike.

WI also took a pretty solid bump on the Plough Reach to put themselves in second place in the top division. MI rowed over, and I also got footage of that, but it's pretty boring stuff given that the quality isn't really high enough to make any analysis of the rowing.

Friday saw drama for MII, with Tom Artiss crabbing twice - don't worry Tom, happens to the best of us ;). It very nearly brought Homerton I onto them, but they recovered well and held them off, eventually getting things together enough to bump Wolfson down the Reach (not me recording this time):

WII rowed over, because the cox of the crew two in front of them forgot their life jacket (again, happens to the best of us...), meaning that they weren't allowed to race, so Clare Hall in front of them only had to pass station to get a technical bump. The two crews in front of Clare also bumped out, meaning WII were going for what would have been an insane double overbump to bump each day of racing.

MI and WI rowed over both yesterday and today, both finishing in 2nd place in the top divisions. It's disappointing given the talk of potential double headship before this week, but the fact is that both the top FaT crews are damn good crews, and I don't think there's any real shame in losing. We were potentially faster, just not fast enough over the course to hit them, and even if we weren't it's still a fantastic result, and sets us up brilliantly for next year. Trinity are a far larger college, and attract far more schoolboy rowers, really we're doing well to be keeping pace with them. It shows just how good Ian and the rest of the coaching staff are that we're finishing as highly as we are.

MII and WII showed we have a really good squad for depth as well. M2 have solid blades, with an overbump on the first day and then bumps on the other three days, while WII could potentially still get blades given they've still gone up five places, and they only lost the bump on the third day because of shitty circumstances. Both crews are potentially the fastest second crews on the river (with WII's results in other competitions I'd probably drop the "potentially" part), so looking really good for the rest of year and next year in terms of how the squad should develop.

So really, bring on Mays and beyond, and most importantly bring on getting absolutely lashed in celebration at the dinner tonight.

Full, final results (stolen from FaT's website)



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