Monday, 1 February 2010

Music Recommendations Please

Every now and then I grow vaguely disillusioned with my own music collection. Usually at a time like now, when none of the bands I particularly like have released an album recently (though Dropkick Murphys, Feeder and God Is An Astronaut are releasing albums fairly soon), so I'm sort of lacking of anything to listen to that I'd say was particularly fresh for me.

So guys (and gals), I'm making something of an appeal for you to all recommend me bands you think I should listen to. I'll genuinely make an effort to try them all out (it'll help if you recommend a specific album as well), and I might make a couple of posts containing my opinions. It's nice to be the discoverer of your own music tastes, but I find most of the bands I really love right now were introduced to me by other people, and a couple I was specifically told I would like them, and turns out I did. I figure it's worth spending the hour or so to try a band out, because if you end up liking them you've really gained something in your life for very little work.

Two things that could be useful here. The first is the beginning of my list of recommendations, started with some discussion with Peter Saunders:

Definitely try:
Jets to Brazil (What the vocalist from Jawbreaker did after he had throat surgery, I think) Leatherface
Lawrence Arms
Dillinger Four
Strike Anywhere

Fast punk:
The Movielife (most pop)
Hot Water Music
Kid Dynamite (least pop)

Vaguely Maybe:
Husker Du (The band I was struggling to remember the other day)
The Replacements

Minor Threat
We Were Promised Jetpacks
Billy Bragg
Streetlight Manifesto
Minus the Bear
So Many Dynamos
Max Levine Ensemble
The other thing that might be useful is my profile page, so you guys aren't linking me to shit I have already listened to.

So yeah, take the opportunity to have some input on my blog while I actually give a crap about it. Recommendations via Facebook comments are OK, but I'd rather you posted recommendations in comments the blog and not on Facebook, because it'll be easier to find them again in a couple of weeks when this post has gone off my main profile on Facebook. I promise I'll try and listen to as much as I can, and I'll especially make an effort to any recommendations of specific albums as well as artists, because it's easier for me to sample.


  1. Try Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Rodrigo Y Gabriela, if you like that then try the album "11:11" by them.

    Also Ratatat - Ratatat, followed by "Classics".

    Also Joe Satriani - he has loads of albums (<10) but try "Surfing with the Alien".

    Those are all instrumental, so for something with words- get an actual Radiohead album!!

    OK Computer/The Bends/Kid A/In Rainbows spring to mind.