Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentines Day & Winter Olympics

First post in a week or so. I've been insanely busy with work, like never before, and I'm finally getting to the light at the end of the tunnel and a regular work schedule.

So today was Valentines Day. Being single, I didn't really pay it any real attention whatsoever. I think it was actually around 6pm before I actually remembered what day it was, because someone was bitching to me about how much it sucks for everyone who is single on Valentines Day.

Thing is, anyone who complains that being single on Valentines Day is shit, and is crucially a guy, is an idiot. Valentines Day is utterly shit for guys. The emphasis is on us to get the expensive present, the card, the romantic gestures, booking the table and all that faff. We have to put up with all the shit to organise it, and we have to pay all the expenses. Valentines Day is awesome for the women, but for the guys it's fucking miles better being single. I wasn't stressed out at all yesterday (well I was, but that was because of work, not a girlfriend) and I know plenty of guys with girlfriends who were, and were stressed for the entire week building up to it. Guys who complain that they don't have a girlfriend on February 14th have clearly never had a girlfriend on February 14th to worry about.

Sure, you can get girlfriends who agree you're not going to do anything for Valentines Day, so then it makes no difference, but I don't really see how being a guy on Valentines Day can ever be a good thing, can ever be better than neutrality. We either don't give a shit, or we've had to do a ton of crap and spend money to make it ~special~ for the girlfriend.

A day that is a good day to be a guy is the far less publicised and corporate March 14th which, as well as being Pi Day, is also 'Steak & Blowjob' Day. The equivalent of Japan's White Day (only with genders reversed), to reciprocate all the trouble and money the guy has spent on the girl. It's also extremely well named. Probably because women are too dumb to understand the concept otherwise (j/k).

The main reason I'm hyped this week is the Winter Olympics, because they fucking kick ass. I'm a bit annoyed that I have to watch it on iPlayer, rather than bumming around at home watching it like I can with the summer ones, where I can basically spend all day in front of the TV watching stuff. I actually find most of the Summer Olympics to be pretty boring, but the Winter ones are awesome as hell. Particularly the Luge, Bobsled, Skeleton and most of all, the Snowboard and Ski Cross events. I used to think that people throwing themselves down an icy slope at 100mph was pretty exciting and entertaining to watch, but the Snowboard Cross in 2006 totally obliterated that. The women's final in Turin in 2006 was possibly one of the most epic sporting events I've witnessed.

The Snowboard Cross is a complete medal lottery in my opinion, but it's still possibly the greatest spectator sport ever created. It's short, but full of excitement and people crashing and falling down all over the place. I was lucky enough to randomly catch it on TV in 2006 not really knowing what I was watching, other than it basically being SSX in real life, but man I was hooked instantly. Also really happy they've added Ski Cross this year, because a whole extra set of races is fantastic. It's on tonight at 6:30pm and 10:00pm GMT, and I might have it on the projector in my room (depending on how the quality from iPlayer looks) for anyone at Downing that's interested in watching it.

The Winter Olympics is fucking over my sleep cycle, given I keep staying up until 2am watching stuff when I have 9am lectures, but it's so damn good, and I wish it happened more often than every four years. At least work is lifting off now so I can allocate time to watching it a bit more easily.

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