Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Healthcare & Right-Wing America

So some bill on Healthcare and Student Loan reform in America just got passed, and the republicans seem massively angry about it for some reason. I've read a fair bit into the bill, and have a decent idea what it's about. I've not found anywhere that seems to be unbiased that actually lists all the stuff that's in it, so I don't have as good a grasp as I'd like, but I'm fairly sure it'll end up being a good thing for America.

The thing is, I wouldn't even need to bother reading into it that much. Right-wing America is horrifically up in arms about it, therefore it's almost certainly going to be a good thing, whatever it is. Usually I'm not one for making sweeping generalisations in a serious context, but with a lot of the supporters for the republican party, I really don't see an issue with it. Sorry for those who follow those political beliefs and actually have a shred of common sense and independent thought, but I really don't get how you can align yourself with such a bunch of crazed and fanatical retards. How the hell can you see that you vote for the same party as some of these people, and not maybe reconsider your political standpoint?

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The healthcare marks a victory for two groups of people. Firstly it marks a victory for the American government for actually beginning to start to bring America into the 21st century, and for starting to bring in laws which are better for the people, rather than for those at the top of the corporate pyramid. Secondly, it marks a victory for the right-wing American media, for FOX News and the like, because despite this bill almost certainly being a good thing in the long term, for the short term they've managed to raise up pretty good support and anger against it.

There are apparently polls out there which suggest only 10% of Americans know what's in the healthcare bill, meaning that the vast majority are horrifically ignorant of what they're actually being angry about. I'm only hoping that time will show that this is a successful move, and maybe a handful of people might come to realise that the likes of FOX aren't as on the ball and aren't as unbiased as they'd like to have you believe.

The main problem with America is all this bullshit patriotism that they throw around in the right-wing media. The US Constitution and the founding fathers are held with far too much regard when it comes to making modern changes to the law. Who fucking cares if something is unconstitutional? Who cares if it's maybe not what the founding fathers would have wanted? The US Constitution was written in 1787 for fuck's sake. It's 100 years older than Edison's light bulb. Maybe this new healthcare reform is "un-American". Maybe it's not what the founding fathers would have wanted. But then, they were OK with slavery of African people, so really, what's your point?

You've also got the Tea Party movement. The name is clever, because it plays on patriotic American feelings. The Boston Tea Party was arguably the start of America's eventual existence as an independent country. And, you know, they're both about increases in taxes, so the name is appropriate, right? Well not really, because the Boston Tea Party was primarily because it was taxes going to the British government. The problem was that the taxes were going to officials that weren't elected by the people paying them, that the money wouldn't necessarily go back to the people paying them. Which is completely not the case with Obama increasing taxes. So the name can invoke those feelings while only really having tentative links.

Plus, there are a lot of people in the Tea Party movement who range between being very stupid and ignorant, to just downright racist.

I find it really difficult to take anyone seriously once they label themselves a Republican, because on the whole they're just so utterly crazy and moronic. It could be that I just don't agree with Republican views, yet still respect them, but I can't even do that because things that keep coming out that are frankly just insane and unsettling. It's hard to take Republicans seriously when you get polls like this.

67 percent of Republicans (and 40 percent of Americans overall) believe that Obama is a socialist.
The belief that Obama is a “domestic enemy” is widely held.
57 percent of Republicans (32 percent overall) believe that Obama is a Muslim
 45 percent of Republicans (25 percent overall) agree with the Birthers in their belief that Obama was "not born in the United States and so is not eligible to be president" 

38 percent of Republicans (20 percent overall) say that Obama is "doing many of the things that Hitler did"
24 percent of Republicans (14 percent overall) say that Obama "may be the Antichrist"

On a first read it's just hilarious that that many people could seriously think like that. On a second read it's actually a little bit scary. I mean, sorry. A Muslim? Hitler? Antichrist? Are you fucking insane? Yes, of course, Obama is actually just a Muslim terrorist, who has managed to infiltrate the American government and has risen to the top, and this new socialist healthcare reform is just the first step before he enslaves all American White Christians and puts them in concentration camps.

I wish in joking like that I was actually a bit further away from what some people seriously seem to believe...

Yeah, it's out there. Socialism can only possibly lead the the Holocaust. It's a wonder that all these socialist countries like Japan and those in Europe aren't continually being put under the control of Neo-Nazi parties . Sweden especially has it coming. No fucking clue how Sweden has managed to be so atheist and socialist as a nation and still not had a fascist dictator imprison and slaughter half their population.

I know all Americans don't share anything like this view. I know most Americans are as appalled by it as I am, in the same way that when you see things that exist in Japan and think "wtf that's crazy", most Japanese people actually feel the same way. But still, these people exist, and in surprising numbers it seems. I don't see how any Republicans with an ounce of decency and sense can tolerate sharing a party with them.

I think the main issue is that Americans are far too up their own asses, again with their Constitution and stuff. Free speech is way too fucking overrated. I love when I come into contact with right-wing American patriots and they seem to have this impression that in the UK and Europe we're all massively restricted for free speech and stuff. That we have so much CCTV that the government can see us in our own living rooms. That if I make any sort of public speech against the government I get arrested by the police and then secretly executed. Which is laughably far from the truth. It's not like we don't have protests, like we don't have the ability to express our opinions, that I actually don't have pretty much the same level of free speech as I would have in America.

The difference is that in Europe we don't feel so damn entitled to it. We don't feel like our opinion, no matter how retarded, how bigoted, should matter. We don't feel like any dissent towards what we're saying, any movement to silence us for being crazy, is a fundamental violation of our human rights. We just keep the free speech sensible. We don't let bigoted, fascist racists like Glenn Beck appear on TV. Well, we do sometimes, we just don't give them their own TV shows. 

All America's obsession over people having free speech seems to result in is that their public are massively influenced by the media, are utterly dominated by political and religious extremists (because not all extremists have to be muslim terrorists), and that the majority don't really have a clue what's going on in the political forum. To be honest, most Europeans don't know either, but the crucial difference is that we're not being conned into believing that we do know what's going on, and more importantly, we don't feel like we need to have an opinion anyway.

I really hope the US Government sticks through with the sorts of changes they're implementing. It's sort of funny how the right-wing media continually attacked Obama for not fulfilling any of his pre-election promises during his first year in office, and now that he's actually started fulfilling them and doing stuff, they're even more pissed off with him. I hope over the next two years things people start to see positive changes and results. I'd like to say I want that just because it'll mean that Americans are having a better standard of living, but honestly it's just because I'd like to see all these utter morons and bigots being proven wrong. Also because if this sort of drama doesn't die down, then the next US election will be won by a Republican party just playing on ignorant public opinion, and they'll get in just claiming to undo everything Obama has worked for. Which isn't progress, it's just stupid. Especially when these sorts of major overhauls need time to settle and bear fruit. It needs a fair chance. 

The greatest irony of all is that all these people opposing socialist healthcare because they're so fiercely "patriotic" are doing so because they don't believe that the government should have any control over their lives. Which is fair enough if you think they'll do a shitty job, but if they don't, then what's the problem?
Socialism seems to be working fine for us over in Europe. Our taxes provide us with a pretty good standard of healthcare, regardless of social status and financial situations. If anything, these "patriots" are basically saying that they don't think an American government of American officials elected by the American people can do as good a job as us people in Europe can do.

That doesn't seem very patriotic to me.


  1. This was a really great read, seriously brightened my day a bit on this horrid school day.

    Let's see, according to that poll, 10% of Americans don't know what's in it. 40% support the bill while 50% oppose. Really, it's scary on both sides. It's not like 90% of the people who don't know what's in it are automatically opposing it. Just a thought. This is according to

    We care if something's unconstitutional because that just so happens to be the high law of the land. Liberals and conservatives agree with this, it's the primary structure of our government. It's worked pretty dang well for the past two centuries. I mean, it's working for liberals right now, isn't it? Which means a good thing in your case. If something's unconstitutional and it needs to be fixed, we have multiple processes for that. Amendments, Supreme Court, stuff like that.

    And I can't honestly believe those Republican polls. For one "Republican" is a /very/ broad political term, and living in the heart of Republican State (Surrounded by Mormons, too!) I've never, ever, ever met anyone as radical as that. Yeah, there are a lot of idiots, but not that extreme.

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