Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Moment Of Stillness

This has been a pretty awesome week so far. I'd be lying if I said I'd spent any of it actually really doing anything, but I've not been entirely idle. I guess I'd say I've been productive and efficient with enjoying myself.

First off, watched/QC'd Summer Wars for the weird Frostii-drama group, and it's an absolutely epic anime movie that I'll probably give a proper entry for later this week. Also did some work on other series. Aside from that I'm now caught up for House and Big Bang Theory (or at least I would be if it wasn't for new episodes yesterday) and I'm also completely up to date with FullMetal Alchemist, which seems to be getting pretty close to it's conclusion. I expect it to be a 52-56 episode series in total. Started watching K-On! today, might even have the whole series watched before I go to bed, we'll see.

Oh yeah, and I also started sorting my images collections.

What made me laugh in the news today was the story that a US TV network broadcast Playboy previews on a kids TV channel. I'm sure that there are plenty of parent groups which will say it's a horrific mistake, and it should never happen, but really it's just pretty funny. It's not going to have hurt anyone, I doubt kids can be particularly scarred by light exposure to stuff like that. It's just the humour that this sort of thing would be shown on a kids channel of all things.

Anyone trying to put any more spin on this than just a rather hilarious and unfortunate mistake is stupid, but I am curious to how the fuck things like this happen. It's not the first time this has happened either, with stories of a porn clip being shown during the 2009 Superbowl. How exactly do the systems that control TV networks operate to even make these sorts of things possible by mistake? Do their broadcasting servers really have pornography side-by-side with kids TV shows? I've always been quite curious as to how TV broadcasting systems actually work, how things are aired, and how much of it is automated and how much has to be done by people.

Given the number of channels broadcasting around the world 24/7, it's surprising fuck-ups don't happen that often. Actually, they probably do, they're just not usually noted unless they're quite as amusing as porn on kids TV.

As most people almost certainly know, it's St Paddy's Day today. Bit miffed that it lies in the week between me coming home from Uni, and everyone else getting back home. I'll probably still do something, be it just sucking it up and drinking alone while watching K-On! or maybe just going out round the pubs in town, soaking up some atmosphere and seeing who I bump into that I know. Be it the sad (in the non-depressing sense) option or the social one, should still be a fairly fun evening.

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