Saturday, 20 March 2010

One Week

Woo, Barenaked Ladies title. Chosen because I've now been back home for one week (lame, I know, but I like the song). And fuck, it's gone quickly. I'd set the first week back as a week where I'd do no work and I wouldn't feel guilty because I'd timetabled not doing any work. That's the real trick to beating your inner guilt about not studying hard enough. You can do no work and feel like you're doing no work, and feel bad because of it, but if you tell yourself you're not going to do any work in advance then somehow that makes it all OK, or at least it does for me.

So today was the day I was meant to start working again. And I sort of did, because I added a fair bit to the Mahjong Society website. Which isn't proper work, but it's not just having fun, and it needed to be done. Plus I travelled home on a Saturday, so technically I could say that this was the last day of the first week back, rather than the first day of the second week.

I'm also not going to get any work done tomorrow because of Chris Thomas's birthday stuff in the evening, and because in the afternoon it's Manchester Utd v Liverpool.

Oh how I'd love it if that could be the scoreline again. Not particularly confident going into this, but at the same time, I don't think Liverpool can't win it. We've got Gerrard and Torres back fit again, and crucially Torres is not just fit enough to play, but looking match-fit as well, so fingers crossed it'll be another Vidic red card and a confident win that puts us on course for 4th place and halts their charge for the title.

It could also be a game where both clubs unite, as we're both currently the victims of American owners taking over with leveraged buyouts and placing huge amounts of debt in the club's name. It could see us unite as clubs where both sets of supporters are starting up campaign groups to take control of the club away from the current owners. It could see that, but there's a fat fucking chance it will and I'd be disappointed if it did.

Win or lose I look forward to that fixture more than any other, and by a large margin. It's easily the most passion-fuelled, history laden and bitter fixture in the Premier League.

So yeah, work starts on Monday I think, hopefully celebrating a good night the night before, and a fantastic victory over the Manc scum.

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