Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Reading Festival 2010 - Initial Line-Up

I got tickets to the Reading Festival last September or something, so it's been a fair wait for the bands to be announced. I feel like I'm betraying the North somehow in going to Reading instead of Leeds, and it probably won't be as epic, but I know more people going to Reading so it makes way more sense to go South with mates than North on my own.

I'm really not sure what to think about the line-up so far. The Friday looks pretty damn good, and so far I'm planning to basically just get to the main stage for Billy Talent and then stay there all day. NOFX are a band I've been wanting to see for ages, and I loved them when I was a teenager. QotSA were awesome in 2007, as were Biffy Clyro, so looking forward to seeing them again. Lostprophets and Billy Talent should be decent, and Gogol Bordello sounds interesting from what I've heard so far on Spotify. Guns n' Roses is going to be an interesting one. If it was the original band I'd say it'd be awesome, but considering it's now just Axl and randomers I'm expecting it to be pretty shit. Unless they have Buckethead. That might swing me around.

Saturday is looking unpleasantly barren so far. I'll see Frank Turner and Pendulum, but other than that I don't really see much for me. Modest Mouse could be worth checking out. I'm thinking it could be a day to recuperate and hopefully see something good at the TBA comedy tent or another of the five stages yet to be announced. Sunday is just a bit weird. Cypress Hill? Weezer? Limp Bizkit? They're still around? I swear I've not heard them for like ten years or so. Sunday has a lot of bands like Band of Horses and We Are Scientists that I've been meaning to check out, and probably will go and see. Plus I'm really looking forward to Blink-182 headlining. So yeah, promising start to a line-up, but I hope it'll improve a bit more when the rest of the bands are announced. It's good enough at least so far for me to not want to sell my ticket.

Time to maybe get a few recommendations off people and to do some searching on Spotify.

As an extra, quote of the week goes to Nicola:

<HarmoNicks> I just had a cool idea
<HarmoNicks> I reckon you could make an image folder
<HarmoNicks> where if you clicked through it really quickly it'd be animated
<HarmoNicks> like a flick-book
<HarmoNicks> a load of images, but you'd be able to watch it like a movie
<Rosti_LFC> so a GIF, basically
<HarmoNicks> ... yeah
<HarmoNicks> :\

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