Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunshine Highway

I've only got two more supervisions and a lab write up before the end of term now, so the main bulk of my workload is pretty much finished, and after a few hectic weeks I can finally take time out to relax and enjoy myself a bit more.

Combined with the fucking awesome weather today, I'm in a really good mood. I know it's March, but subconsciously my mind is stuck in May Week. Sure, I've still got labs and lectures and work, but all that's flashing around in my head are the fantastic memories from the end of last Easter term. May rowing, paddock football, just generally lazing around and enjoying myself. It's really weird, because I'd never have thought that the weather would have such a massive effect on my mood, but it has. I'm a cheerful and un-embittered Rosti for once. Drunk on sunshine and love.

Random demotivational is random, but also funny

Also in a good mood because I've got confirmation of a place at the UK Riichi Mahjong Open. I'm probably going to get absolutely raped by any of the semi-pro people there, but it should still be fun. Really looking forward to it, and it's fucking ages away.

Frostii projects have stalled a bit, and would probably be nice to get some of the work done before I end up back with having to do real-life work.

Still, the Easter break is coming and I'll have a lot of time free again. I'll probably have to stick in some revision or I might horribly fail the exams this year, but I should just generally have more time free for catching up on shows I've been missing and for writing entries in this blog. I might also learn how to typeset and do AFX and raise my fansubbing skillset a bit.

So yeah, proper blog entries coming soon, posting this to get all the shitty mushy life stuff out the way for a bit.

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