Thursday, 11 March 2010

Term Ends, Formula One Begins

Finally, term is over. No more work to he done now for the next four or five weeks (aside from general work over the holidays and revision). Got my Japanese reading, writing and oral exams over with, and I can finally shut off for a while.

I fucking hate oral exams. Even the most important and difficult of written exams don't really phase me too much, but jesus tapdancing christ I get nervous for orals. There's something about being put on the spot with knowledge that I really don't like. In a normal exam if I don't know stuff I just skip the question, maybe come back to it later, or maybe think about it for a while. In an oral exam I feel I have far more pressure to answer the question and to do it fairly quickly. The exams felt like they went fairly well, so hopefully I've got a decent enough mark to mean I was right to let it count towards my Tripos mark.

Aside from the fact that term is finished, my main excitement source right now is that the new Formula One season starts this weekend. It feels like fucking ages since the last one ended, and the pre-season stuff seems to imply that the racing is going to be really close between quite a few teams and drivers, which should really make it interesting. Stuff like this usually gets pre-hyped as "the best yet", and while I don't think it'll be the best season of racing ever, it's hard to deny that the driver's championship could be fought between about six or seven drivers (Hamilton, Button, Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher and maybe Webber and Kubica, in that order). I'll be supporting McLaren and Hamilton, but to be honest I'll be happy as long as the two Ferrari drivers lose. The rules and points changes should hopefully give us some more epic racing this year.

In F1-related news this week, Stirling Moss fell down a lift shaft. What's really fucking impressive to me is that he only broke his ankles. I mean, I'm sure he's pretty badly injured, but the fact is he's come off pretty fucking well for an 80-year old man falling three stories. He must be made out of fucking steel or something, because I don't think I'd manage to fall that far without life-threatening injury, let alone at the age of 80.

It's weird to think I'm heading home the day after tomorrow. I've got Mahjong social stuff tomorrow, and then I'm going home early Saturday afternoon. Unlike usual, I'd say I'm probably a bit ready to go home. I'll be bored after a week, but it'll be nice to just be in an environment where I don't feel like I should be working. Going to try and blast through a few anime series I've been meaning to watch for ages (K-On!, Kanon, Mushishi, Rurouni Kenshin, Black Lagoon and Samurai Champloo), I'll update all the Mahjong soc website stuff, because it's a bit out-of-date, and I'll write a crapload of entries in this blog, because I've been neglecting it a bit while I've been struggling with the Uni workload. I have so much I want to write stuff on, I've just not had the time and focus to do it.

Bring on a week or two of rest, bring on the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend.

Thanks goes to Godly-Effect from TEC/Gamerhold for making the new banner for this blog. It looks awesome :D

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