Monday, 26 April 2010

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Been a week since my last entry, and it's not for lack of stuff to say. I've just had other things going on.

Lectures have started again and they're pretty interesting. It's nice just having a lecture every day at 3-4pm instead of 9am-1pm. Plus they're mostly advertisement taster courses for the stuff next year, so go figure they're pretty fun and interesting.
Revision isn't really happening yet, but I've just got other things distracting me. It's not even like I'm up to proper levels of procrastination yet.

The Segreant's Day was really fun on Saturday. To explain for non-DCBC people, the Segs are basically old boy rowers who come back to mess around in boats again, have a dinner with the current squad, and then buy us all drinks at the bar because they're fucking dirty rich. It was a really good day, considering we went out in boats with a general "Downing or fuck off" attitude. It didn't matter if we weren't obeying the rules of the river, or were generally causing chaos and inconvenience for the other boats trying to train. We were the ones racing side by side down the river, either get the fuck out the way or live with cleaning the magenta paint off your boats.

I got smashed, but just about kept it back so that I was OK the next morning. It's difficult when people are buying you drinks and you're already pretty far gone to not just go over the edge, but giving the last Staropramen to Chris was definitely what meant I wasn't a total wreck the next morning.

Lost out on the MII coxing seat to Sarah, but I was expecting that. I'd have been hugely surprised if I'd been given it ahead of her, given she's been doing it a fair bit longer than I have and is probably the better pick. I'm still improving, and I'll probably come along on the bank for occasional MI outings to try and pick more stuff up, but at this moment in time I'd say she's better. I'm just glad the decision is made and I can focus on going for the WII seat without any other distractions or commitments.

My main bitch right now is slops. The menu is shit, and people are a fucking pain in the arse with how early you get there. If you're on time, you're queuing for fucking ages. You have to go like 10 minutes early just to get to the front of the queue and not have to wait 20 minutes for some food. Plus the food hasn't even been that great this term, and they've not had any of the pomegranate juice either.

You ever see one of those things where you're like "Damn, I wish I'd thought of that"? Read the story of an Israeli man who has been jailed for sexually abusing women by claiming his semen was holy. Probably not a news story that I should really joke about, but seriously, if you not only let a man put his dick inside you because he claims to have holy semen, but you also pay him for the privilege, then you deserve what you get. Sure, this guy is horrible for doing this stuff, but it's a hilariously successful idea, given that he'd supposedly been doing this and getting away with it for years. Some people are just far too fucking gullible for their own good.

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