Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A News Blog - Sex With Teachers, Korean Internet Curfews, Apple Suck As Usual, Media Is Newfags

Not really in the mood for a rant or political/religious spiel, so instead a take on some BBC articles from today.

First one is easy. A story today titled "Drunken dares 'led to pupil's sex with teacher' ". Specifically of note because this is my old school, so it's pretty amusing to see it in stories on national news sources. It was actually The Mirror's article which I saw first, and my first thought was on seeing the picture and noting she looked a lot less unattractive than I remember her. To the point where I actually didn't recognise her until I read the rest of the article, but I blame that on the fact that she's dyed her hair a completely different colour.

To be honest, I have no real opinion on this because I have no idea which side is lying. There's a fair part of me that is suspicious of the pupils, and I reckon that nothing actually happened. I think they were at her house, but I reckon the tales of drunken sex are To Kill A Mockingbird-esque accusations. That said, I don't actually know which students are meant to be involved in this, and that'd probably change my opinion. If it was Ryan Hall, I'd probably say that they had sex.

Next one is that the government of South Korea are imposing restrictions on kids playing online games. As much as I generally oppose censorship, and I know that if I was one of those kids in South Korea I'd be fucking pissed off about this, I reckon it's a good idea. I know things like this have fucked with my sleep cycle and caused me to skip doing work in the past, and I also know other people who have definitely done worse at school than they'd probably have done if they'd played video games a bit less. South Korea does seem to have a bit of an issue with individuals occasionally being a bit too in love with the internet. I'd say I'm something of an addict myself, but you get stories of a South Korean man dying after playing Starcraft for 50 hours straight, and also that a South Korean couple neglected their 3-month old baby so much it died, because they were obsessing over a virtual child instead. I mean, sure, games like that can be addictive, but to be so engrossed in raising a child in an internet game that you forget about the real one you actually have? That's just insane.

If anything I reckon the South Korean government might be better off if they started extending the curfew to cover adults as well as just little kids...

Also news today that Apple are still being dicks with the announcement that iPhone apps have to be developed using specific tools. Apparently this is to stop shitty apps for the iPhone, but I don't really get what there basis is for that. For one, I don't get how they're going to enforce this. How the hell can they tell what code has been written on? Surely valid code is just valid code? Or do iPhone programs get coded in some strange way I don't understand? If they want to tighten up the quality of applications, why not just get rid of the shitty ones and have some sort of quality control in place? I'm sure people can write programs that are just as shitty on the allowed tools as they can on the banned ones. If not shittier, because I don't see why anyone would bother using other tools unless it improved things in some way for the developer.

I really wish Apple would stop being so stuck in their own arse about forcing people to either do things the Apple way, or not at all. I'm generally not a fan of proprietary software, but even less so when I'm forced to use it. Surely the popularity of jailbroken iPhones and the like is such a good indicator that Apple aren't doing the best job possible. It ticks me off so much how they seem to withhold accessibility and features just so they can add them in at a later stage and get people to pay more money for them. They should fucking be in there to start with.

Finally, the BBC also had a magazine article today on the Downfall meme, aka. 'Angry Hitler'. Which is a fucking old meme. Maybe not that old, as they go, but it's still been around longer than I could care to pinpoint. Definitely at least a year, because I remember watching some of them in Andrew's room in Howard Court. Interesting that they've actually made an article on it, and I found the interview stuff interesting, but at the same time they've really been slow to get onto it. There's fucking loads of them, most of them not that great, but a couple which really made me laugh pretty hard.

As a final thing, I'm putting the two most memorable ones I've seen below, though don't bother watching the second one unless you've seen the second series of Haruhi, because you won't get any of it. And the first one sort of relies on you being at least aware of X-Factor stuff in Britain from last year (watching Mock The Week is probably enough). So, because I feel people don't actually read this blog for the text so much as the pictures and other shinier stuff:

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