Monday, 5 April 2010

Road To Berlin

Technically I'm flying there, so the title doesn't really fit, but whatever. Leaving tomorrow, coming back on Friday, hopefully it's going to be a pretty decent holiday. I'm not taking my laptop, and I've not been organised to write posts in advance, so this is the last blog post for a few days. I'm sure Gamerhold, Orbital and Frostii will all manage fine without me, or at least manage better without me than I might without them. I'll probably take my phone, but I'm on low-ish credit so might not reply unless it's fairly important.

Currently in a bit of a crappy mood, partially because of the Liverpool result, partially because I heard a song on Ashes to Ashes on Friday, didn't bother making a note at the time, and now I'm trying to remember what it was and I completely can't. I can't remember anything about it, so short of stumbling upon it I've got no way whatsoever of finding it. I frequently do shit like this, and I really need to get into the habit of writing trivial stuff down, because it annoys the hell out of me later. Thing is, I'm pretty sure the song was the sort of shit that I'd enjoy but be fairly ashamed to admit I actually listen to.

I've been horrific with work lately. I've basically done nothing this week, and I've not really even achieved anything else either. Wouldn't be so bad if I'd sacked off work to do other things, but I can't really even claim to do that. Might take some stuff to Berlin with me, or I'll really need to kick my ass into gear once I get back.

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