Friday, 2 April 2010

Stupid People Are Stupid

April Fools Day for the most part passed me buy. The only April Fool's I'd actually have fallen for were the ones on Gamerhold, and that was mostly because they were by Australians and were therefore at like 2pm on March 31st for me, when I wasn't really on alert for pranks for fairly obvious reasons.

The most successful prank this year that I've seen has to be the Cambridge Tab's article on how Nick Griffin is to be stripped of his Cambridge degree. I didn't fall for it, mostly because of the various instances of ridiculous language in the article. Not only did a lot of the people commenting apparently fall for it, but a quick Google search reveals that quite a few notable media sources fell for it as well. It's nice to know that The Sun are maintaining their high standards by getting their news stories from online student tabloid newspapers. No disrespect to the Tab, but 'online', 'student' and 'tabloid' basically place it just above 'a guy I met in the pub' on the rankings for reliable sources of info (I say that, but most of the stories are actually pretty decent).

Even better is the fact that the BNP's own fucking blog posted a story on it. Surely they'd be better placed to know that it was bullshit? Nice to know that the BNP are actually that retarded. What I love even more is the fact they presented the article under the headline "Nick Griffin creates history as Cambridge University tries to re-write it". It's nice to know that there really is very little in the world that the BNP can't try and stick it's own batshit crazy agenda onto.

There was one story that I sort of wish was an April Fools, but isn't. It's actually from a few days ago, and it's the story of a girl suing the ABC Network for $100 million. This is a girl who appeared on Wife Swap, and is angry that ABC have made her look like a moronic, spoilt brat. Which is a bit harsh on ABC to be honest, because that's exactly what she is. She's been in beauty pageants since she was 11 months old (so it was clearly her personal choice), and her parents do literally everything for her. Her mother does her homework, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes, and she gets a Christmas present every day.

She claims her one wish in the world is for world peace, which I'd usually scoff at. As if anyone is actually that selfless and sincerely means that. Except she's so fucking spoiled and gets anything that she wants, that it could actually be true. If I got bought everything I wanted, never had to lift a finger around the house, never had to do any of my own schoolwork, then I'd be running out of selfish things to wish for if I'm honest.

It pisses me off that her mother says she does all this for her daughter because "she deserves it". Sorry, what? How the fuck does she deserve it? What exactly has she ever done in her entire fucking life aside from being blessed with being attractive has she ever done to deserve anything? She claims that she's called 'Blondie' at school, and says it's because of her hair... and she's right that her hair is blonde. I'm pretty sure that's not the whole story behind the nickname though.

I don't get how you could agree to appear on the show and then come out with a lawsuit like this, unless it was your cunning plan all along. These shows make everyone look bad, because they specifically pick families to swap where everyone gets angry and shouts and there's a lot of drama and therefore good television. I'm hardly an avid watcher of these series, but I've never seen one where the families got on well and everything went fine. It's not like she's the only one in the show who is portrayed in a negative light.

It's also not like they've fucked about with the footage. There'll have clearly edited it, but I'm pretty sure they've not taken stuff out of context. And they're still only showing stuff she's actually done/said. They've not photoshopped or dubbed or CGI'd anything. If you don't want the world to see what a massively spoilt brat you are, then don't agree to be on fucking TV and show the world.

I hope she loses the lawsuit, and I hope that she doesn't win any more beauty pageants either, so maybe she can see that looks aren't everything in the real world (which is what she says is the case, though I'd be lying if I said she wasn't partly correct), rather than the superficial one her parents have formed around her.

I'd put the YouTube videos of the show on here, but it's there in the original article I linked to. Instead I'll link this rather amazing Nicovideo I got shown a couple of days ago (for the embedded vid to work you have to view the blog natively, not through NetworkedBlogs pane - click the link in the top-right):

No idea how long that thing took to set up (my bet is "fucking ages"), but it's really cool.

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