Saturday, 10 April 2010

Welcome Home

(Not particularly a huge Coheed fan, but the intro to that song is epic)

Back home now after a few days in Berlin. Mentally I feel pretty refreshed, physically I'm fucking knackered. I've basically had four days where I've spent 12 hours each day standing or walking, and my legs were dying by the time I got to the airport yesterday. Still, it's been fun, and it was a good holiday.

Visiting Berlin seems different to any other main city in Western and Central Europe. With places like Barcelona it's far more a care-free sightseeing affair. In Berlin on the other hand, most of the sights are fairly depressing and in some cases fairly harrowing, because so much of the history there is at least partly intertwined with the rise of the Nazi party, the Holocaust and the division of the city during the Cold War. Even the bits that aren't have been massively restored when the city got annihilated at the end of WWII. I find all that stuff massively interesting, because it's modern history and something I have a personal interest and fascination about, but at the same time it's weird to spend most of my time reading stuff that's pretty sombre and morbid.

One thing of note in Berlin that nobody else is likely to talk about ever is the Sky Sports feed they had in one of the pubs. Me and my Dad (lol grammar) wanted to watch the Liverpool v Benfica match in a pub, but figured we wouldn't see anything because Wolfsburg and Hamburg were both playing, and we figured German pubs would be showing the German teams instead. Turns out that one side of the pub we were in was showing Standard Liege v Hamburg SV, and the other appeared to be showing the Wolfsburg match. Except it wasn't. It started off showing that game, but this was some weird German Sky Sports channel that was showing all four quarter-finals simultaneously and was just flicking between them depending on which one had stuff happening at the time. Which meant we saw all the Liverpool goals, or at least we saw all the celebrations after it switched over, and then the subsequent replays. It was a cool idea, and it certainly made watching it more enjoyable as a neutral, even if it's a bit annoying if you only care about one game. It'd be pretty awesome if Sky could try and implement it into Soccer Saturday or something, though they seem to have enough issues reporting as it is...

The main issue I have with trips away is coming back. I fucking hate returning to the internet and having several days of emails, internet forum posts, RSS feeds and various other crap to read and respond to. I have to spend hours when I get back just catching up before I can even start on other things, or making up for not having access to porn for several days (I should get an emergency stash on my phone or R4 or something). It took fucking ages and I'm still not anywhere near up to speed with the Frostii work or any of that stuff.

Frostii work actually could get a bit sticky next term. I've still yet to finish any of the series I'm currently working on, and I'm picking up two more (K-On!! and Rainbow). Fingers crossed all the series that at least aren't airing any more, like Kimi ni Todoke, Ookami and Omamori will sort themselves out fairly soon and I'll be done with them before revision really starts to hit hard.

Anyway, life update out of the way, I'll have a few more blog posts coming over the next few days or so, if not today. Going to spend the day clearing through fansub work and then cracking onto some examples papers.

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