Monday, 31 May 2010

Day 1: Post-Mortem

My mind feels pretty much blank now. I have been up since 8am, which must be the earliest I've gotten up since my work experience finished last August, not counting getting up for flights because I then slept a fair bit during the day. I even got a decent 8-9 hours sleep, I just still feel utterly merked.

Paper 1, Mechanics went pretty poorly. I just thought the paper was fucking difficult (as did everyone else, seemingly). None of the questions were that straightforward at all, except for maybe question 2, except I didn't feel that hot on the energy stuff or whatever it was, so didn't bother doing it. Then Paper 2, Structures, was meant to be my best exam, to redeem the marks I'd lost in the morning, but again it was an awkward bastard of a paper. I breezed through question 1, which was a fairly standard-but-time-consuming indeterminant truss thing, and I should hopefully have gotten nearly full marks on that question. Hopefully I scored a fair few marks on question 3 as well but I wasted a good 15 minutes of the 2 hour exam just being a complete retard on one part of that question, which I really could have done with avoiding. My final answers also looked a bit dodge. Question 4 I felt I did OK on, and I had the right method for 5 but I fucked up fairly simple bending moment calculations for that because I was rushing like hell, so hopefully I've at least picked up a fair chunk of marks.

I went through the papers afterwards (I know some people hate that, but I'm not one of those people) and reckon I got around 55% for Mechs and around 67% for Structures. If those retrospective estimates are accurate then I won't be too unhappy, because it'll mean I'm still more than on course for a 2:1 including coursework.

The outing in the evening was pretty shit as well. Concentration in the boat didn't seem great and we didn't have a coach, but I can't really complain because I definitely wasn't in the zone either, and there were aspects from me that could have been described as "dodgy" at best. Misjudging an overtake on one of the Jesus boats and causing them to have to easy to avoid use crashing into a boat coming the other way definitely wasn't stellar. They could have moved over a little more, as could the boat going the other way, but was still definitely my bad. Was more annoyed because it's been quite a while since I've done anything stupid like that on the water, and really I just got impatient and fucked up because my mind wasn't quite concentrated on the job. Two exams in a day just sort of turns your thought processes to mush afterwards.

Anyway, Materials tomorrow morning, which I'm about to start a bit of last-minute final revision for and should hopefully be a mark in the 65-85% range, and then Thermofluids which could either be decent, or damage limitation depending on how the questions go. I seem to either know what I'm doing or to be completely in the dark for Thermo.

At least once tomorrow is over I'm half-done in terms of papers and definitely over the hump. Papers 5 and 7 should go OK unless they're also randomly hard papers. Paper 6 could definitely just be damage limitation and trying to scrape out as many marks as possible. Either way, I still feel like I should definitely get a decent result overall. It's definitely not going to be brilliant at this rate, but even with two exams where the general consensus seemed to be they were a lot harder than usual, the percentages are looking like I should avoid slipping into the 2:2 margin, even without scores (hopefully) being adjusted upwards because the papers were difficult.

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