Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mountains & Molehills

There are a lot of key issues of importance and value in the upcoming General Election, one of which apparently being that Gordon Brown referred to a member of the public as a "sort of bigoted woman". Now I sort of understand that given there's only a week to the election, public opinion and PR is all-important and really fuck-ups like this shouldn't be happening. What I really don't get though is why there was so much media faff over it. It's really nothing of note.

I mean, fact is, he was just expressing negative opinion about someone in a private conversation. He was a bit annoyed that he'd been put in front of someone who had asked him awkward questions instead of the positive PR spin he was expecting. I mean, have none of us ever bitched about someone behind their back? It wasn't even like he got into the car and was all "My god she was a fucking bitch!" or anything along those lines. He said it was a disaster, was asked why, and his response was that she was "just a sort of... bigoted woman.", which frankly isn't a particularly scathing or angry comment. I know I've personally said far worse things about people, and I'm sure pretty much everyone else has too.

The fact is, Brown is entitled to make negative comments about people in the privacy of his own car, and really it's the fact that it got recorded that's more of the issue. Most of the media coverage was correctly closer to the "olol" lines of thinking, but there was enough Tory and anti-Labour press that tried to make this out as a huge reason not to vote for Labour. Which is retarded. There's huge political issues and policy differences on the line, and we're apparently stupid to vote for a PM who makes bad comments about people behind their backs like any other human being in the world?

Personally, I don't quite know who I'll vote for. It's going to be Labour or Lib Dem, purely because I'll vote for whatever is most likely to not put the Conservative Party into power. Thing is, I've missed the postal vote registry window for West Lancashire, and Cambridge is so securely Lib Dem that my vote isn't really going to make a huge difference anyway.

Fact is, I just don't have faith that the Tories will do anything other than bring us back to the days under Thatcher, and widen the gap between the lower and middle classes, and the strengthen the divide between the North and South of the country. Plus I just flat out dislike Cameron's attempt to play himself off as an average joe when he's clearly a privately educated toff.

More mountains from molehills would be fansub drama. Jesus christ there seems to be a ridiculous amount of it. Frostii still don't currently have their standard .com domain (it's currently, and Swan has left and christ drama. Also arsmanga has now left Drrr (though not really with drama). See you around ars, and if you happen to be the new TL for Ecliptic-BSS then I admire the irony given the drama a couple of months ago with Durarara.
It's sort of expected when you've got people working together that some people aren't going to get on, and you'll get tensions and blah blah blah, but christ there's a lot of crap. It makes Orbital and Gamerhold drama look trivial. 

I think I had another particular story I wanted to talk about, but I've completely forgotten it in lieu of reading an article about a 72 year old woman having a baby with her grandson. Because, to be honest, I can't get more WHAT THE FUCKING HELL than that. It's wrong on so many fucking levels. And for a 72-year old, she's a fucking ming as well.

EDIT: I remembered. It's the fact that the guy who hacked Sarah Palin's email account before the US election has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, which is a bit fucking harsh in my opinion, especially given he was a student at the time. He's going to be middle-aged before he gets out of prison unless he's released early, which just seems so fucking OTT for something like that.

Also, while cycling to mahjong this evening I saw Jimmy Carr walking to the Corn Exchange, which was cool. He was just rocking up to the gig listening to an iPod. Nick saw him too.

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  1. That I did! And yeah also, they're obvs having a kid through a surrogate, and not how I initially (mistakenly) thought...