Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Random Stuff

I couldn't be arsed doing anything proper for my birthday, because it's exam term and I'm fairly busy, as is everyone else. I've been invited by Sophie (<3) to formal on Wednesday, and given that it's my birthday on Wednesday, I reckon it's not too bad to hijack it somewhat for people to come as a birthday celebration. But I'm still being lazy about it.

I've invited a few people who I've spoken to in the last 12 hours or so personally, and like three people by email. To maybe add a bit of interest: anyone else, if you're reading this blog and want to come (and you are at Downing obviously), then you're welcome. You have until 1:30pm Tuesday to book tickets at the P'Lodge, so about 12 hours. ;)

If not, eh, there's Pimms & Punting on Saturday, which should be more than enough of a celebration. Either way I'm really looking forward to it. I enjoyed it hugely last year and I barely even knew anybody else there because I'd just started coxing. Given that I'll actually know pretty much everyone this year it should be a really fun evening.

Revision is going OK, and I'm still sort of sticking to my bad-ass revision schedule (which can be seen on my Google calendar), though I'm drifting in and out of sync with it, and most of the time I'm a couple of questions behind for a day or so, and then catch up.

Random image time, because walls of text are bad:

I've been given WII for Mays, which I'm pretty happy with. It's also surprisingly enjoyable to just have my seat set. I don't have to worry about what boat I'll be coxing, if any. I don't have to fuck about coxing various multiple crews and trying to fit everything in. I can just concentrate and focus on working with what should hopefully be a pretty fast WII crew. The results from the Head of the Cam on Saturday weren't amazing, but it was a pretty scratchy crew and I don't think we fared too badly. Room for improvement, but we're certainly not starting off in a difficult position. A fairly big worry is Clare II behind us on Day 1 though, because on Saturday they were a fucking quick crew and were faster by a fairly big margin. The first day of bumps is always extremely influential on the rest of the campaign, so it's important we improve enough to hold them off on the first day and hopefully at least hit the crew in front before they hit us. Fingers crossed there's enough time for us to close the gap and hopefully end up faster than them on the day. Or that Murray Edwards I will be shite and we'll hit them before Clare II get a sniff of us.

It was May Day bank holiday today, and it's sort of funny, because I'm pretty sure all Cambridge students hate bank holidays. At school or at work a bank holiday means that you've got a day off, which is something to enjoy and be happy about. Here, you don't have a day off. Life in the bubble continues as if it was a normal Monday. Except there's no post, and the shops aren't open the full day, and The Butterfield didn't open at lunch. So basically all of the downsides of a Sunday without any of the upsides.

Also, because this blog seems to get hit by a lot of Google searches for this sort of stuff, I shall say three things:
Frostii are subbing Boku, Otaryman
Frostii are subbing Musashi
Frostii are subbing King of Eden (the first Eden of the East Movie)
Frostii are subbing all of the projects listed on their projects page, because yeah, that's what the page is there for. Oh, except for Katanagatari (lol). We're dropping that; we just haven't updated the projects page or announced it yet.

We're doing all of them. We're just doing them really fucking slowly. So read this and cease Googling and asking if we're still doing them in comments on the Frostii website. But still keep visiting this blog. Please. I need the stats on Google analytics to feed my ego :(

Got an appointment tomorrow to get my ears syringed, which will (probably not) be fun. What's annoying is that I don't even reckon it'll solve the issue. My right ear has basically been popping, like you get with pressure changes on an aeroplane, but then not un-popping no matter what I do. So I've been softening my earwax by pouring oil into my ears for the last few days so it can all be cleaned out tomorrow, when actually I reckon the problem is actually with my Eustachian tube, so this is something of a waste of time and I'm going to need meds anyway. That said, I probably shouldn't think myself to be more of a medical expert than a professional doctor just because I can read shit up on the internet. It generally irritates me when people do that (or just blatantly ignore advice/instruction from professionals because they apparently know better), so we'll see whether it's fixed tomorrow or not.

So yeah, hopefully an interesting next seven days. I should be able to write up a proper long-ass post on Wednesday because I've set that day aside for not doing any work given it's my birthday. Depends if I stick to my schedule or not, because it could be I've got catching up to do. Then there'll probably be a boring blog on the election results or something (yay hung parliament). We'll see.

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