Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Today didn't go so great in the bumps, but at the same time, it didn't feel so bad either. Yesterday hurt. Yesterday hurt a lot. I was in a generally shit and mopey mood all evening, and I didn't sleep to well either. Having expected good things to happen, then for them to not happen and for things to go tits up was not pleasant. Being bumped in the racing hurt all the more for thinking of what could have been.

Today though, it didn't hurt nearly as bad. I'm placated, because I'd already seen it coming. Losing doesn't hurt nearly as bad when you're expecting to lose as it does when you're expecting to win. I figured we'd probably get bumped today, and that was mostly the reason I was so pissed of yesterday, because we'd missed out on going +1 to most likely go -2. And now we are -2, and it doesn't feel so bad. We knew Newnham II were much faster than we were, we gave our all trying to smash Clare before Newnham bore down on us and took us out, and our all wasn't enough. But we tried, and I feel happy with that. It's bumps, shit happens, and even though we had a bad day yesterday, we really can't be that disappointed with going down two places considering where we are.

Tomorrow we need a solid day. The Corpus crew behind us don't seem that quick, and I think we should have a fairly comfortable row-over. What's made things slightly more interesting is that the slow-ish Fitz crew in front of us yesterday also somehow managed to hold off Clare today. Newnham should rape Clare in a similar manner to that which they did to us today, meaning that we've basically got clear water behind us and the prospect of an overbump, ie. a win-win situation. We either row over or we get something really special, depending on whether anything crazy happens. The fact is that Fitz had a tough row yesterday to hold us off, and presumably a tough row today to see off Clare as well. They've proved they can be resolute and hold off crews, but they've also had a hard week, which makes mistakes tomorrow all the more likely, and we've just got to lie in wait and hope we can take advantage of anything that happens.

If Corpus bump us tomorrow I'll be pissed, because really it shouldn't happen, but at least it's impossible for anyone to overbump us given that there's only two boats behind us. If the sandwich boat take out Corpus then we'll literally have nobody behind us, and we can just go all guns blazing for Fitz. If we hit them, then it'll be an amazing result. If we don't, then it's no real problem because we've got absolutely nothing to hit us.

Of course, no matter what happens tomorrow, there'll always be the dinner to look forward to. Not sure how the fuck I'm going to survive the Mays dinner and be fit for Crescents at 9am on Sunday, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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