Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Day 2: Half-Time

So yeah, yesterday was somewhat disastrous, but I think today made up for it. Particularly this morning. I was knackered when I went to bed yesterday, but I went to bed around 10:30pm, fell asleep not too long later and then got a good nine hours or so of solid sleep until I had to get up for the exam.

Paper 3, Materials, went well. There were a few tricksy aspects on the paper, but there were a couple of questions I felt pretty comfortable with and reckon I mostly nailed. Going back through the paper I reckon I got around 75%, so hopefully enough to make up somewhat for yesterday and put me back in a comfort zone.

Paper 4 was Thermofluid Mechanics, which I'd always had down as one of the weaker papers. I wasn't expecting to get a particularly good mark and basically went into it with the mentality of trying to claw as many marks as I could out of the questions. Going back through I reckon I got about 58%, so better than Mechanics. Not great, but also not horrific either, and the exam could definitely have gone a lot worse.

Tomorrow I only have an exam in the afternoon, which means I get a bit more sleep and a bit more prep time for it. I'll probably relax and try and enjoy myself for another hour or so this evening and then get some revision done for tomorrow. Paper 5 isn't one of my best, but aside from the first section I'm hoping it'll go pretty well. A lot of the questions seem fairly straightforward in the past papers and unless they set a really awkward paper I think I'll do fine. Paper 6 on Thursday is really the only exam left that I'm expecting to go fairly poorly, so fingers crossed the rest of the week will go smoothly and I can be confident of a decent result.

As random shit to put in my blog, I was linked to this video earlier in the week by Goodchild, and it's pretty cool:

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