Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Frostii Releases Update - 22/06/10

Most people can probably ignore this blog post. In fact, anyone who isn't currently waiting on a Frostii release can definitely ignore this post.

Frostii are still suffering with the after-effects of a season or two ago, when we took on way more projects than we could handle, and put faith in people who apparently have no problem just disappearing without trace when they get bored. As a result things imploded somewhat and everything has ended up massively slow and releases are really behind. Which is frustrating as hell from my point of view, because I don't particularly like to be attached to slow releases (though I like the idea of dropping projects even less), and also frustrating to the people who follow the shows, because they have no idea when the next episode will come, if at all. So this post is something of an ITK report of where stalled shows (that I'm working on and thus know stuff about) are up to and when new episodes are likely to come out. So people can stop bugging me, the group and presumably other members of staff on when we're likely to see new episodes.

Kimi ni Todoke - Episodes 12 and 13 are currently at late-stage release candidates, so should really be out in the next few days. From then things should hopefully be a little less erratic and future episodes shouldn't take so long.

K-On!! - Releases have been pretty timely so far, but they're probably going to be a bit slow over the next couple of weeks because our encoder and translator for the project are both going to be away at various points in time.

Eden of the East Movie I: King of Eden - This is going to take a while. It's currently stalled massively at typesetting, and with the amount of work to do, and the fact that the people working on it are prioritising other things first, I can't see this being released for a good three or four weeks yet, if that.

Durarara!! - Same as Kimi ni Todoke. We've got two episodes (12 and 13) now at release candidate stage, and they should both be out before the end of the week. Episode 14 is at editing, and hopefully shouldn't take a huge amount longer either. This has been delayed for so long because of a faff swapping translator and typesetter, which then took a while to sort out, and there was also a huge delay for the karaoke of the new opening, because the guy doing it had his finals when we needed it done, so we had to wait for it. There's no reason why the releases for this show can't start coming out reasonably fluidly now.

Miyamoto Musashi - Souken ni Haseru Yume - This is going to be ages away. It's stalled at typesetting, which hasn't even started yet. There's an absolute ton of signs to typeset, and it's not even been allocated who is doing what yet. Can't see it being done before August, but it's not that amazing a film/documentary anyway.

Omamori Himari - Dropped. Not a fantastic series, but I quite liked it, and I'm fairly disappointed it dropped. Translator completely disappeared, and nobody else in the group has put themselves forward to do it.

Ookami Kakushi - Stalled indefinitely at translation. Again, the original translator gave up on the series and stopped doing it, and Sylf has stepped in to translate it. Given he's also doing Durarara and K-On and this show is complete shite, no surprise that it's got fairly low priority. I wouldn't expect episodes to be coming any time soon, probably not until Drrr and/or K-On are finished.

Daa! Daa! Daa! - Doubt anyone particularly cares about this coming out soon, given it's a resumed project that died years ago. Things are slow, but at least seem to be moving, so new episodes should probably end up coming every couple of weeks. It's going slow, but I wouldn't say it was necessarily stalled anywhere.

Rainbow - Stalled at typesetting, because the next episode has a ton of signs and the typesetter is slow/lazy/can only work on weekends. Next episode should hopefully be out, if not this week, then at least next week.

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ - I'd be hugely surprised if anyone actually still cared about this series. It's not dropped, but it's basically stalled at a point of finding people who are actually willing to bother to do stuff. The main issue with it is that nobody is assigned to do the stuff that needs doing, so nobody has bothered doing it, and nobody has taken the initiative and assigned it to someone either.

Black Rock Shooter - Not released yet, and won't be for another month, so excusable that it's stalled :)

Boku, Otaryman - Is getting done. Got stalled for absolutely ages for a bit, but recently people have been doing stuff. Fingers crossed it'll actually be released fairly soon, because it's mostly done and just needs some minor fixes, so it's really just depending on how long it takes for the fixes to get done.

So yeah, a projects lowdown, because this sort of thing isn't ever going to get posted on the Frostii site, hopefully a few people will find this useful to decide whether to wait for releases or go for someone else.


  1. I will wait for frostii because I believe they are one of the best fansub groups. Very disappointed in the drop for omamori himari. I would have hoped that sylf took on Omamori instead of crap ookami.

  2. I've said the exact same thing. Unfortunately it's just the way things have turned out, I guess.

  3. I totally feel you on the stalled/dropped, etc and so forth. But you know what? You keep that head held high and move forward because if you don't push yourself to get those goals done then no one will. Yeah I know I still have lots to learn and even so, I will not know what defeat is nor turn back and ever cower to a challenge. So keep on, keep on pressing!