Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Holy Crap It's Bumps

Been neglecting this a little lately. Go figure when I have exams and I'm busy as hell I can find the time, and the moment I'm completely free I can't. Though to be fair I have been outside and away from my computer for the majority of the time, compared to sat in front of it doing revision.

Anyway, bumps starts today, and I'm a mixture of immensely excited and immensely nervous. I'm really not sure how things are going to pan out for the rest of the week for WII. We're not a slow crew, but we're fairly high up the charts, and we're especially unlucky to be sat behind Murray Edwards WI, who would appear to be the fastest crew in the division by a huge margin if Champs Head results are anything to go by (and they are). Clare WII are behind us, and were marginally faster than us at Champs Head, but the gap is small enough to say that we could hold them off. It's also possible that Corpus Christi WI behind them will hit them, and that we'll get mostly clear water behind us.

I think the most realistic hope would be to row over on the first day, and then hopefully bump one or two of the crews that Murray Edwards send down. I wouldn't be too bothered if we dropped a couple of places, because we are fairly high up in the standings, but obviously I'd much rather we either held station or went up a couple. It's fairly hard to predict in the long run because most of the crews around us haven't raced in any of the head races this term, so it's pretty much down to guessing for how quick they're going to be. Fingers crossed things go well, and that I at least don't make any sizeable fuck-ups.

For people following bumps, here are links to the men's and women's starting order and results.

For people rowing, the traditional motivation:

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