Thursday, 3 June 2010

Liverpool FC - The Beginning of the End?

So I finish my revision for the evening and browse the BBC Sport webpages, and I'm met with what I would say is some of the worst news I've had for a while - the news that Rafa has supposedly been offered a severance deal to leave Anfield.

 I know there are Liverpool fans who will welcome this news. Fans who don't think Rafa has the capabilities to keep the team going, and that we'll never get into the Champions League again with him in charge. Personally though, I think anyone who reckons that this story is good news is a fucking retard. For one, the only other person I would say was even worth considering as a manager, Jose Mourinho, has now gone to Real Madrid, and I think it's pretty unlikely he's going to back out of that position before he's even seen one game, just to come to Liverpool.

There are going to be dozens of fucking part-time supporters who want Rafa out who will see this as good news, because they're totally not looking at the total picture. We get rid of Rafa, fine, but who the fuck do we bring in to replace him? Who exactly is out there who could replace him? And, more importantly, why the hell would they? There are plenty of world-class managers out there who would be interested in the job, but I can't think of any who would actually take it on given the circumstances. What the hell does the club actually have to entice a new manager into the role? They'd have next to no transfer funds, they'd have the utter shambles that is the current ownership to contend with, they'd have the uncertainty over the financial security and future owners of the club, and they wouldn't have Champions League football for at least another season. They'd have to be batshit fucking insane to take up the position.

Heck, any new manager would have their hands full just trying to keep the quality in the current side from not rushing out the door. If Benitez leaves, what is there really to keep the likes of Gerrard and Torres at Anfield? Why would they stay? Why would they bother getting used to a new manager, not playing in the Champions League next season, going through another 'transitional period' of a few seasons before we're really challenging for any trophies. Why would they want to go through all that when there's clubs like Barcelona and Inter Milan jumping through hoops to try and sign them? If Benitez leaves, it's fairly likely that Inter Milan will take him, and I'd bet a large sum of money that the likes of Torres, Gerrard and maybe even Reina would follow him straight there. To be honest, they'd be crazy not to, and the only thing stopping them would be love and loyalty to the club. Given the choice between a team that finished 7th in the Premiership last season with constant turmoil off the pitch, and a club that won both Serie A and the Champions League... it's not hard to see which one is more attractive.

The only real hope I have is that this story isn't true or that, despite this massive vote of no-confidence, Benitez for some crazy reason stays anyway. Because despite what the retards who claim to follow the club might say about this, if he leaves then we're fucked. We'll lose our manager, our best players, any hope of winning anything next season or qualifying for the Champions League. I really can't see anyone particularly good being brought in to be the new manager (except for some risky loyalty card calls - Gerrard or Dalglish?), nor can I see them working miracles to keep the players we have and improve the squad with no money. Right now things seem to be pretty close to the brink of Liverpool becoming the new Leeds United, and if miracles don't somehow happen this summer then I really think this could be the start of a huge downward spiral. 

So thanks to any asshole who thinks that Benitez should go and we'd be better off without him. He won us the Champions League and the FA Cup, he brought us within a handful of points of winning the Premiership, and you guys were too fucking fickle to give him just a single bit of respite when things didn't quite go to plan. If Benitez leaves and his decision is in any way influenced by you so-called "fans" who only exist to glory-hunt and express their retarded self-inflated egos on phone-ins and comments on internet articles, then I offer a big fat sarcastic fucking thanks to all of you. And thanks also to George Gillett and Tom Hicks for taking a club which had just won the Champions League and fucking things up so damn hard that I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up in the Championship in a couple of year's time.

Above all, whether Rafa stays or goes, if this is true it's a massive sign that Hicks and Gillett and the board really don't have a fucking clue what's best for the club and seriously need to go. I've not been that much of a hater of G&H, but there's only really so long I can keep the thought that maybe their intentions at least are in the right place, and that time has long gone. They need to go ASAP. I'm not a huge fan of the Spirit of Shankly group for various reasons, but there's a protest at 6pm tomorrow, and I suggest people go. Obviously I can't given I'm a couple of hundred miles away and have exams, but it's sort of getting to the point now where fuck-ups by those in charge of the club are looking like they might seriously ruin things for a long time. The club might not legally belong to the fans, but that doesn't mean they can't have a say.

In some ways I'd take a few years of utmost mediocrity and failure for the club just to clear out a few of the fair-weather supporters and take the club back to the core a bit more. Lower ticket prices wouldn't be a bad thing either. Carragher was right when he said that Liverpool will still be Liverpool regardless of whether players stay at the club or not, but the fact still remains that the club and the fans want trophies, and that none of this is in any way helping that cause.

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