Thursday, 24 June 2010

London Calling

Setting off tomorrow for the UK Riichi Mahjong Open, which is in Guildford on Saturday. It starts pretty early and finished fairly late too, so I'm having to travel to London on Friday and come back on Sunday (hopefully in time for England v Germany). Heck, the fact that registration starts at 8:30am means I'm going to have to be up at like 6:30 on Saturday just to get there in time from London.

I'm really excited, but I'm also expecting to get pretty solidly beaten. I'm expecting some really good players to be there, and I'll probably spend the entire day playing pretty defensively. They've announced the list of players, and there's quite a lot of people coming from the Netherlands to play too. Which seems like quite a long way, but Amsterdam isn't much further from Guildford than Ormskirk is, and given the prices of trains and flights, it's probably a similar price for the journey as well. It should at least be a good experience, and if I do well then it'll just be a huge bonus on top.

I'll also probably make an effort to check out Casino Leisure while I'm in London, and see if they've got anything new since I went last summer.

I went back to school on Wednesday to help out and chat to some Lower VI kids for a UCAS and careers evening thing, and to tell them all to do Engineering. I got asked a fair amount of Oxbridge-related questions as well.
Because the trains to Crosby from Ormskirk are really awkward, I decided to cycle because door to door it takes about half of the time it'd take to get the train or bus. I have to say, I miss the cycle paths and stuff in Cambridge, because it was something of a nightmare journey to cycle. Northway is not at all fun to go down on a bike, and it's a pretty stressful journey past the first mile or two where it's actually got a cycle path. I went down early so I could watch the England match at a pub in Crosby, and also so I'd miss the rush hour traffic (and I'm glad I did).

And England won! And they deserved to as well. It could easily have been a more convincing win than it was, and really it should have been, because we've got a much harder route to the final now than we would have done if we'd topped the group.Germany will be quite a tough game, and I reckon they'll need to step up the game yet again to win. Yesterday was also proof that England should play in red all the time, and that the BBC should cover all the matches instead of ITV (I swear England and Liverpool never fucking win when the match is on ITV...). There's also some tennis, but aside from the longest grand slam match in history nobody really gives a shit because most of the focus is still on the world cup. I also only realised today there's a grand prix this weekend on top of everything else as well.

As a final thing of note, Counter-Strike: Source is currently on offer with 66% off on steam, making it cheap as hell for the next couple of days. They've also had a pretty massive overhaul of the game interfaces, and have added in a ton of statistic recording stuff and achievements. I knew an update was coming, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so big and noticeable. It doesn't make a huge difference to the gameplay, but it is pretty slick, and I'm generally a massive sucker for statistics and the like.

So I won't be online much from tonight until Sunday afternoon. I'll take my laptop with me to London, but I'm not sure how much internet access I'm going to have, if any.


  1. I know that for at least myself, the tennis is taking a priority :P IT'S AWESOME!

  2. I hope you do well in the Mahjong Tournament! Remember to tell us how you did :P