Saturday, 19 June 2010


Back home from Cambridge now. Back in the land of relative boredom and crappy internet. On the plus side I can now burn through the huge backlog of TV and anime that I've currently got. And I'll make some decent blog posts as well, because I've not really had any insightful ones in a while because I've been to busy to write one that actually takes time to write. It's nice that I've not really got any work to do for a while, except for maybe some mahjong training for the UK Open on Saturday, but that doesn't really count as work.

Speaking of work though, it'd be nice to get my work placement for this summer sorted. The HR department at Nuvia is, to put it mildly, fucking slow as all hell, and the fact that I'm aiming to start my placement in just over two weeks, and that I've still heard fucking nothing from them with respect to when it's going to start, wages, anything beyond "yeah we can give you a placement" is unsettling. That said, if I don't get a placement there, as long as they tell me in the next week or two so I can actually get around to finding something else, I won't be too fussed because it's not really my idea of fun to have to drive to Warrington and back every day.

Exam results don't come out until Wednesday, so yet again I've not been able to see them at the Senate House, which I'm mildly irritated about. I've got no clue as to how I've really done, past having not done terribly. It all depends on the sort of percentages everyone else got on the exams. We shall see.

May Week was awesome, I had really good fun, and I think I had a decent mixture of relaxing and getting lashed. Didn't go to any balls, but Pembroke June Event was pretty good, and I reckon I more than got my money's worth.

Weather is nice, surprisingly a lot better up in t' North than it has been in Cambridge, might go out cycling or something tomorrow.

Also, it's a bit old now but a news article about a boy throwing a puppy at a biker gang and escaping in a stolen bulldozer.

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