Thursday, 10 June 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

A fairly melancholic blog entry this evening, but then I'm in a fairly melancholic mood, so I guess it's fitting.

WII had a really good result yesterday. We were hoping for a row-over, we got a row-over, and almost got more, so it felt good. We worked hard, we got what we felt we deserved, we had an excellent crew meal afterwards. It felt a bit weird being in a restaurant with a harem of nine girls and me, but it was still an enjoyable meal and an enjoyable night out.

Today though, the feeling is just pure disappointment. We felt we could get a bump today, we got so fucking close, to within inches at one point, then we died and got hit instead. Fair play to Fitz, they held us off well. We maybe would have hit them in Grassy if we'd not caught a fairly severe crab (which was quickly recovered), and they held us off for pretty much the entirety of the Plough Reach at what at least felt like less than a quarter-length. Then our push faded and we ran out of steam, and Clare WII hit us a couple of hundred meters or so from the finish.

What's probably somewhat more annoying than missing out on the bump to get hit instead is that it now sticks us back in a really shitty position tomorrow. Newnham WII are behind us and they are quick. I don't know how quickly they bumped today, but they're currently up two having bumped up a division yesterday, and their Champs' Head time is pretty rapid too, so I'm not keen having them behind us. It's still bumps, and anything could still happen, but I definitely wouldn't rule out being hit tomorrow as well, which would just rub salt into the wound from the near miss today.

A possible redeeming opportunity is that Clare WII don't seem to be that quick from the start. They hit us today, but that's just because they've got more stamina, not because they're quicker. If we end up getting close to them in the first third of the race then it's not entirely unlikely that we could hit them back. If we can gain on them early on, perhaps rattle them and maybe get a better push for the bump than we did today, then we could hit them and their superior stamina wouldn't really count for anything.

So that's the focus tomorrow. Primarily we need to make sure that we hold off Newnham II at all costs, and maybe see how things pan out in front of us for the possibility of hitting someone. If we can hold off Newnham tomorrow and row over, then hopefully Clare will give us a shot at hitting Fitz again, and we can break even for the week.

Today was disappointing, we've just got to pick ourselves back up and make sure we stay focused and give a good race tomorrow to keep ourselves back on track. Hitting Clare would be sweet, and my parents will be down to watch tomorrow, so I'll have that extra bit of desire to do well. To go back to the post title, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need. And we need a good performance tomorrow.

And also hoping for a good performance tomorrow from all the other Downing crews. I'll be supporting from the bank once I'm out of the boat.

Feroces ad Mortum

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