Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Ironic title (or maybe not, given the theme of the song?), because today has been a shit day.

It's weird, because I seemingly knew it right from when I woke up. Having my alarm wake me up early in the morning, knowing I have a whole day of work ahead of me, and I will do for the next six weeks. It's the same sort of feeling I used to get on Mondays back when I had school of just general impending boredom and senselessness for the next several weeks. That was more just a feeling of general unrest and unhappiness at the next few weeks. Because even if my job turns out to actually be pretty fun, I still almost certainly am not going to enjoy it as much as I'd enjoy not doing it. But that's a different issue.

The morning wasn't actually that bad. I was given some weight calcs to do on a design for a transport cart. Basically they need to know how much it weighs so they can take it into consideration properly for seismic analysis (this thing weighs about six tons). Most of the stuff was already done, I just had to check over the calcs, and make sure that they were properly up to date with the latest drawings. It wasn't thrilling, but it was fairly straightforward and I could do it at least.

The afternoon was fucking boring though. I finished the weight calcs and the stuff the guy wanted me to do next needed me to have MATHCAD, which was meant to be installed on my machine, but wasn't. And it won't be until tomorrow morning at the earliest, so I'm basically left with the entire afternoon trying to at least look busy and be vaguely productive. Which ordinarily wouldn't be so hard, because there's a ton of info to read on the project, and I also found some of the company guidelines for MATHCAD and what I was going to be doing. Awesome, except they were all PDF files. And the computer I'm on for some dumb fucking reason doesn't have Acrobat (or any other software for opening PDF files) installed. So I was fucked basically, and spent the whole afternoon being really bored and scraping things to do.

Now sure, I am being paid for this doing nothing shit, but at the same time, I'm not being paid very much. It's minimum wage, if that. I'd rather do my old job at Morrisons than sit around in an office trying to look busy when I don't really have much to do. There's also the fact that I'm under reasonable pressure to be useful. The company I'm actually working for don't want to pay me. They're struggling hard for money (and apparently almost cancelled the placement as late-on as two weeks ago), and are basically hoping that if I do stuff then they'll be able to charge me to Sellafield Ltd, who are funding the project I'm working on. Essentially they'll pay me, and then just send the bill to SL to pay the expenses. SL actually refused to pay for me up-front, so I need to actually add value or it'll be coming out of Nuvia's pocket and they'll be all sadface about it. It's a bit daft really, because I'm getting like £1200 for the placement over six weeks, and this project in total budgets around £2million a month, so I'm hardly a major expense for this thing.

It'd also be a lot easier if it wasn't for the fact that I'm on a corporate internet connection and therefore obviously pretty much any site I'd actually be able to waste proper time browsing is blocked. No Facebook, no forums, pretty much nothing aside from reading the BBC website dry.

Speaking of dry, the drive home was anything but. It was similar to this last year, but tonight was exceptionally insane. Everyone was doing about 40mph on the motorway because you just couldn't see a fucking thing if you drove any faster. The rain was coming down so hard that even with the wipers frantically flying back and forth across the windscreen, it wasn't clearing it nearly fast enough. Plus the amount of water on the road was crazy. There was a big queue on the M62 as I was leaving work because some guy had smashed a BMW into a lamppost, and given it was raining just as hard through the afternoon as it was in the evening, I'm not surprised. The fact that there's been flash floods in Merseyside, and similar floods and severe weather warnings in Lancashire (the areas in those articles being about 15 miles south and north, respectively, of where I live) is a pretty good demonstration of how insane the weather has been in the North West today. It's actually not so bad on my road, but I live part-way up a hill, so it's unlikely. It wouldn't surprise me if it was flooded back where my old house is though, because that street used to flood fairly often.

So yeah, the drive home was pretty hellish and somewhat scary because the conditions were just insanely bad. I'm just glad I was in a car and not one of the poor bastards cycling home from work. I actually really needed to go shopping this evening, but I've not bothered because the weather has just been so bad, so I guess I'll have to buy my lunch yet again tomorrow (it's pretty expensive) and hopefully go shopping when I get back from work.

I also managed to massively fuck up my dinner. I've got stuff I froze from Saturday, and was aiming to just reheat it. My sister is out having dinner with schoolfriends and a teacher in Chorely (and better not be crashing the car I need tomorrow in floods :\), so the plan was I'd reheat it and eat it in front of the TV watching the Tour de France highlights. Except the microwave broke during the reheating. The there was a weird spark inside it while it was cooking, the light turned off, and it's counter reset to zero. Usually I'd just do the standard procedure of turning it off and on again, but it's a microwave so I'm not so keen on using it when it's potentially broken. Which left me somewhat fucked, because I'd already put the meal out on a plate, which meant putting it in a pan would be somewhat difficult.

Figuring the oven would take too long, I stuck it under the grill. Except putting a plate under the grill would be retarded, so I put the plate in the grill pan and then under grill. Which sort of did the trick, except when I took it out I realised that the plate was now burning hot, and I couldn't really just have it on my lap in front of the TV. I didn't want to put it on a tray either in case it melted it. I have no idea how the fuck in my head the grill would manage to heat up the food, and the grill pan (I was clearly aware of this or I wouldn't have used oven gloves) and yet leave the plate nice and cool, but apparently at the time that's what I thought because I'm a fucking retard. Half the reason I didn't use the oven was because I figured it'd make the plate hot. No idea why that somehow didn't matter for using the grill. So I ended up missing most of the TdF highlights because I had to eat my dinner from off the cooker surface.

So yeah, pretty crap day in all really. I've got other, slightly more worthwhile topics to talk about here aside from my pretty mediocre and somewhat rubbish day, but I'll save them for tomorrow.

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