Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Gauntlet

Today is the last day of freedom. And I've spent it being tired as hell and just trying to keep myself awake. Hopefully it'll be worth it though, and I'll have shoved my sleep schedule into shape so that I'm not completely hammered by a pre-7am start tomorrow for work.

I'm sort of looking forward to the next few weeks, but at the same time really not, because I was quite enjoying my days of idleness. I've neglected this blog a bit, and was aiming to post a lot more, but I've had trouble finding the time and motivation to transfer my ideas from my head to this place, because I've generally been keeping myself busy with various series I'm watching, forums, Counter-Strike and fansub work. I'll probably have a fair bit to talk about with regards to having a job over the next few weeks. Probably rants, because having a job sucks aside from the being paid at the end. Or at least, it does compared to watching anime, playing video games and going out drinking in the evenings.

My parents are also away on holiday this week, so I've got a proper taster of living like an adult for a week or so (and then I can go back to being a kid again). I cooked yesterday and my sister cooked today, because I figured we can't have take-aways every night this week, so we might as well save them for days when we'll come home from work (my sis is helping out at a primary school) and can't be arsed cooking.

Work is made somewhat better this year by the fact I've managed to land using my Mum's car instead of my grandmothers. My nan is currently in the hospital after a hip replacement, meaning she won't be able to drive for a while, so my mum is using her car and I'm using my Mum's instead. Which is awesome, because I'm working 30 miles away, and my grandma's car doesn't have a functioning stereo, which makes the commute extremely boring. There's also the fact that my grandma's car is a 0.9 litre Vauxhall Agila, and is an absolute piece of shit for going down motorways. Driving around town the rustic nature is sort of nice, but it really struggles to make 60mph, let alone 70. So I should be saving some money on fuel because I won't be driving flat out, as well as being able to have music or radio while I drive.

I've had quite a nice time this week learning to typeset in After Effects. The Musashi movie wasn't getting any typesetting done because all the TSers basically backed out of doing it, so I've taken it up along with Robo, and we've gotten things moving. It probably will take a while, but at least it's not completely stalled. Plus I'm sort of enjoying making the signs, though I'm not sure if I'll have much time for it over the next few weeks.

So yeah, I won't be online much for obvious reasons except for the evenings. I'd like to make a few posts here this week though. I might start writing them when I'm on my lunch break and don't have much else better to do, and then emailing them home.

I leave you with this video. It's a pretty cool idea, and there are a few mistakes but overall pretty good, and it has some nice nostalgia. It also won't work unless you view the site outside of the Networked Blogs preview. And yeah, it's nicovideo, so disable comments if you actually want to see the video behind the scrolling text :P

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