Thursday, 5 August 2010

Tomorrow's Just Another Day

I was getting slightly irritated this week just by how mundane all this having a job shit is. I get up, I eat breakfast, I drive to work, I do my job stuff, I drive home, I mess around for a few hours in the evening, I go to bed (as early as 11pm!), repeat. It's not quite hell, but it's really not the most exciting of existences, and the "this is the rest of your life" aspect really doesn't appeal to me. I'm really not looking forward to doing this sort of crap for forty years rather than just six weeks, because I could imagine it burning on my mind far more. Tada, when you finally get a job you are fucking screwed I swear, because if I can't tolerate it for six weeks, you don't stand a fucking chance.

It's just the weird pointless repetitiveness of it all. And this is just for five and a half weeks, and already I can't wait for it to stop. I'm not ready for all this being an adult and not having much time for fun shit. I guess it doesn't really help that I'm not doing the most exciting things at work, given I'm there on a temporary work placement, and I am at least getting paid for it, which should take the edge off quite a bit once the money comes through. There's also the fact that when I really think about it (spurred by something Nick said in a text today), I've only actually got 13 or 14 working days left, which is pretty much nothing when I think about it that way.

It's really not helped either just from my social situation right now. I've only known the guys I'm working with for two weeks, so things aren't that great during the day. The main topic of conversation is basically football, which is fine, except I'm surrounded by a bunch of fucking Mancs and a Chelsea fan (with whom I've got something of an alliance with, though he's not been in this week). Talking about football isn't really as fun when you've only got Scum to discuss it with.
And in terms of the evenings things aren't great either, because everyone is on fucking holiday, or otherwise not free. I don't have Nicola (get back from Japan plx) or Daz (stop working evening and night shifts you selfish bastard), and I could hang out with Emma and Ste, but that'd just feel a bit third-wheel-ish.

But hey, I've not got much longer, and it's the weekend soon anyway. My mood is also helped by the fact that things have just been going brilliantly the last few weeks for Liverpool. I wasn't the most optimistic chap at the start of the summer, and I still think things could easily have spiralled into the abyss, but to Hodgson's credit, he's done a fantastic job to not only keep things together, but to seemingly rejuvenate the squad, and things are looking pretty nice for at least getting back into the Champion's League.

Friendlies usually aren't much to go from, but the Europa League qualifier this evening was a really promising display. We only won 2-0, but given it's still pre-season, and the team was also missing the likes of Torres and Kuyt, the display was fantastic. Some of the youth could still improve a little, and I think Ngog could perhaps have done better with some of the opportunities he had (though I can't complain giving he scored and won a penalty), but really what pleased me most was just how well we played moving forward from the major players. The attacks were fluid, quick and clever. Cole is already hooking up fantastically with the likes of Johnson and Gerrard, and Jovanovic also looked really good. I don't expect Kelly to play much this season, but he was also fantastic, especially given he's a centre-half and was playing at left back.

It was a display that showed some real quality and ability from the whole team, not even at full strength, and I'm now really looking forward to the start of the season. It's going to be a tough start given we've got Arsenal, Man City and United in the first few games, but if we can at least get a decent points haul from those games then things will really be looking promising.

As two final things, I've been listening to the new Ash album (or singles compilation, whatever you want to call it), and it's actually brilliant. There are some really fantastic songs on it, and I wasn't expecting it to be quite so good. Plus it's 18 tracks long and came with a DVD, so for a tenner from Amazon (which I didn't even pay because I had a voucher) it was definitely a good buy in my opinion. I'll probably write a proper review post for it in a week or two when I've listened to it a bit more.
Also, this is my 99th blog post. Technically it's actually like my 102nd, but there's a few that aren't made public because I'm just using them as placeholders for a few things, so I don't count them. I'm also not counting LiveJournal crap. Expect something fairly good (and also pretty predictable) for the 100th post.

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  1. My thoughts exactly as far as work goes. Mine's so boring I would NOT survive that for life. At least it's paid. Makes a huge difference. Plus I get to live for free in Cornwall for the whole summer which is not too bad!