Wednesday, 15 September 2010

General Life & Fansubbing Crap

I had a streak of posting every day last week, and I'll probably have another streak of meaningful posts over the next few days, but I've not done a personal life update thing for a while, so sorry guys, it's a LiveJournal type blog entry. So to make up for that, some lulz from YouTube:

The cycling plan isn't going so well, mostly because it's September and the weather is either wet or it's windy as fuck. Rain I can tolerate, but I really don't like cycling in the wind. I also tend to use back roads over fields, so if it seems a bit breezy around my house it's generally blowing a gale once I get out over the moss. The thing with cycling in windy conditions is that it just saps my strength, and most of all it means my average speed is massively slow in a way I can't just factor out of my records. I can record the route and repeat it and see improvement over time, but wind destroys that for the most part.

I've now got a crapload of books from the MET reading list, so I'm slowly working through them now. My Liverpool shirt also finally arrived, in time for the Manchester United v Liverpool game on Sunday. I'm not overly confident about our chances, but United have hardly been stellar over the last couple of weeks, so I'm not writing it off as a definite loss either. I really hope we win, because if we do it'll be a highlight of the season no question. It really is one of those games where the result will affect my mood for pretty much the entire rest of the week.

It's about a year (I think it's a few days shy) since I was in Eindhoven with muf, which means it's about a year since I joined the Frostii staff, which is pretty weird, because it doesn't really feel that long. That said, when I count up the series I've done, it does seem like quite a lot. I should make a spreadsheet and actually tally up the episodes that I've worked on.

I also joined Saizen fansubs last week, because I was somewhat personally sought after (or at least, that's how I understand it, and it's how my ego prefers it to be...) to do some work for them. They actually have a ton of vacancies, mostly for QC positions. The series I really wanted to work on was Slam Dunk, because I'd heard it was good, and in the 20 episodes I've watched to catch up with where they're currently at, it is good. It's a bit like a cross between GTO and Hajime no Ippo, two of my favourite series, but with basketball.

It's also sort of funny that I join Saizen and realise I already know pretty much everyone on the staff because they all either work for Frostii or I've already come across them on joint projects and stuff :P

Also, on the topic of fansub stuff, the Musashi movie is nearly finished on the typesetting side, which means it should be released fairly soon. It's been a bitch, but there's definitely light visible at the end of the tunnel now.

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