Sunday, 24 October 2010

I Could Think Up A Title But I'd Rather Be Lazy

I've not had a bad week, and things have calmed down a little work-wise, but I've also not gotten nearly as much stuff as I'd have liked. We've been given a design project to do, which is 10 sides of A3 in total, and is definitely not a small amount of work, and I've barely started it and I've only got just over two weeks until the deadline.

I could make excuses here about it's hard to deal with long-term projects when you're continually being given short-term things to do with imminent deadlines that always seem to take priority and detract from the big projects, but really I've just not done much work this week outside of lectures and labs.

also rowing, rowing and more rowing

It's not really helped that I've had early-morning outings every single day this week, either with the women's squad or novices. My sleep cycle hasn't really made the adjustment particularly well and I've been completely knackered most mornings. On the plus side, the accounting homework I did yesterday took me far less time than I was expecting, so hopefully once I've finished fucking about with writing blog posts and other pointless shit, I can finally get started properly on this project.

Last week my crew won the Senior Women's VIII+ division at Autumn Head and I got my tankard today. It's not that spectacular, but it's my first piece of silverware (though it's actually made out of glass) in rowing. Things have been going pretty well on the water the last couple of weeks, and I'm pleasantly confident for University Fours, though it's going to be a bit of a bitch sorting out the clashes between the race schedule and when I've got MET commitments.

On the topic of rowing, there's a blog by one of the CUWBC rowers called Something About Rowing that might make moderately interesting/amusing reading for some people. It's clearly yet another blog shamelessly 'inspired' by the excellent Hyperbole and a Half blog, but that's not really something I can hold against it too much given the content is still original even if the format isn't. After all, it's hardly like I'm doing anything revolutionary with my blog either...

I was massively pissed off this morning at missing what seemed to be a quite entertaining Korean Grand Prix. I set my alarm for 6:45am (making it the sixth day of the week I was getting up before 7am) but then for some reason didn't wake up. I don't know if I turned it off in a half-asleep state, but the earliest memory this morning is waking up naturally at around 7:40. I figured that if I'd missed the first 40 minutes of the F1 there wasn't much point getting up to watch the rest, so I had a lie-in. I was a bit annoyed to find that the start was delayed by pretty much an hour, and if I'd gotten up when I woke up then I'd have actually caught almost the entirety of the race, but oh well.

I was at least right in my (fairly obvious) prediction back in March that the title race would be exciting as hell, and while it's looking unlikely that someone besides Webber or Alonso can really win the title, Hamilton and Vettel are still in there, and in the last six or seven races the title standings have been really tight and it's been pretty damn exciting. It's looking fairly unlikely that things won't still be wide open going into the final race.

And Liverpool won a game today! I was watching it on a web stream, and I'd have been hugely pissed off if we hadn't won. Really, 2-1 is a pretty flattering scoreline to Blackburn, and if Robinson hadn't made some excellent saves then they could easily have been three or four-nil down at half-time. We played excellent football, and it's really been the first time this season that we completely and utterly outclassed the opposition. Blackburn started to come into it near the end, but for the first 70 minutes or so of the game they hardly saw the ball at all, and their goal was a bit freakish considering the run of play. Corner turned? I hope so :\

I've been neglecting this blog a bit lately (also fansubbing work), but it's mostly through being incredibly busy with life and crap like that. Plus, as somewhat demonstrated by this fairly unexciting post, I've not had that much to write about either. Though there will be a fairly interesting [guest] post tomorrow once I've put finishing touches to editing it.


  1. Ex-CUWBC thank you very much :-) Enjoying your blog though!

  2. Ah, true, my bad. Good luck with your attempts at throwing your life and sanity away for rowing with the GB squad.

    The blog-enjoyment is pretty mutual too, keep writing it ;)
    Plus it's shown me one of the most hilarious pictures of Lizzie Polgreen that I've ever seen, and that's saying something.

  3. CUWBC have obigatory bad kit days now (guess whose idea that was!) so expect much more where that came from :-D