Sunday, 10 October 2010

Living For The Weekend

I'd not really anticipated just how much of a time-sink MET was going to be. I'm sort of hoping it doesn't stay like this because I really don't think I'll be able to keep up the pace of 9-5 every single day. Especially when we're getting projects thrown at us and don't really get given much time set aside for it.

Our first project is to create a self-powered machine that can type out "go MET 10!!" on a keyboard, including the capitals and exclamation mark. Given we've got a week, and haven't been given any materials other than what we can scrounge together, it's a pretty fucking hard challenge. We've not got any designated time for it in our timetables either, so we have to get it done on top of all our lectures and other labs and stuff. I really doubt any of the teams are going to be particularly successful unless they've basically given up their weekends for it, which really I'm not particularly willing to do for a project that isn't going to count towards our course, and given that I'm already giving up one of my two free afternoons this week to do it.

Outside of MET things haven't been too bad. Rowing is keeping itself fairly quiet because we're still in VIIIs so I'm sharing the outings workload with Will, which I'm so fucking grateful for right now because I'd be really struggling to find any proper free time if it wasn't for that.

The CU Reach Mahjong Soc squash went fucking amazingly. We didn't get the 88 people who had signed up, instead we got about 12 new people, which was pretty much the perfect number. It meant we just about filled the Umney Lounge and didn't run out of sets or tables, or have to use the second room we'd booked. What's more, a fair few of the guys who turned up looked like the sort of people who would stick around. I was scared we'd get a ton of people (mostly Asian, from what I gathered on the stall) who would come to the squash just for a laugh and to see what it was like, cause us to have too many people and run out of space/tables/sets at the squash and then never show their faces again.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today, completely clear skies, light breeze, about 21-25°C, so I went out cycling with Peter. We had a pretty nice route, just under 20 miles, though our average speed got massacred by the fact we ended up getting lost in Haslingfield and then ended up off-road soon after. The off-road wasn't really a case of getting lost, more that we ended up with a choice of either going through private, potentially dead-end roads through some farmland, or going down a bumpy bridle path, and we chose the latter when with hindsight and Google Maps we didn't need to. Still, it was good fun and a good laugh. All the little villages like Toft and Kingston (where we stopped for a drink and a bit to eat) are really old and picturesque, and I reckon we'll probably try the route again but with the experience to keep us on the right track this time.

In my final burst of free time until Monday and 9-5 crap every day again, I'm going to see Toy Story 3 at Johns with a few other people at the 10pm showing. Anyone reading this who didn't get the email that got sent out by David is welcome to join us.

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