Monday, 4 October 2010


So usually right, you move in on a Saturday, you have a few days to settle in and shit before term starts on Thursday. You have time to unpack, procrastinate paying bills and doing other admin stuff, eventually get around to doing admin stuff, go to the supermarket and buy shit, go to the supermarket again and buy the shit you forgot the first time around, socialise, drink, properly get back into the rhythm of the student lifestyle before term starts again.

Apparently MET don't want to give people this luxury. Apparently the fact that it's still technically freshers week (which still has implications even though I'm now in my third year) means fuck-all to them, and they decided that we didn't need a few days to settle in before term started. We can start having classes on Monday.

I spent the weekend basically unpacking, socialising, getting myself settled back in and talking to everyone I'd not seen in ages, did some shopping, and did some preparation for the Mahjong stall at the societies fair.

Today was Monday. I was up at 6:50am, I went to the boathouse for an outing, I got back, I had just enough time to make toast and get changed, I didn't even get to eat the toast - I did that while cycling to the IfM building. I got there, I was there until 5pm, I cycled back, I had my tutor meeting, I then had about 15 minutes until slops and then I've been free in the evening. Except I'm not completely free because I have to be around to organise shit for the societies fair and to try and timetable everyone. This is made difficult because people have stuff that they didn't get final times for until this weekend, so everything has to happen late. If it wasn't for this bloody MET stuff it'd be fine, because I'd just do the entirety of both days and it'd suck but I'd at least ensure things ran OK and there was always someone on the stall.

I am so fucking busy right now it's just stupid. This is meant to be a few days of settling in, and instead I've spent most of the day doing shit and rushing around trying to make sure shit I'm not doing is still being done and going OK. 

Tomorrow morning I've got to go take shit to the freshers fair before everything starts, and then I've got 9:30am to 4pm in the IfM, and then I'm going straight to the freshers fair to do the final shift until it ends at 7pm. I'm then presumably going to have to take all the stuff home and do the exact same fucking thing on Wednesday morning as well, though that's not so bad because the MET stuff finishes at midday, and the societies fair at 4pm. But still, this is the three days before term even starts and my days are absolutely fucking rammed with commitments and stuff to do. It's totally ridiculous that once term starts properly I won't actually have as much stuff to do, because MET lectures will only be 9am-1pm and all the stressing over societies stuff will be over, until the CURMS squash on Friday evening at least.

I'm basically just a bit pissed because all these classes are pretty much compulsory, and have enough vital information scattered through them to make them unmissable, yet at the same time I don't see why they couldn't have just waited until term started and had them then. It's not all course induction and safety briefings and stuff, pretty much the entire afternoon was spent just with a class on presentation skills and communication, and it seems that most of tomorrow and Wednesday is going to be the same, when I really want to just be making sure that things are going smoothly for the CURMS stall at the society, because we're basically fucked if we don't get a decent amount of freshers this year, given pretty much all the current undergraduate members beside myself will be leaving, and I don't really want all of next year to be myself, graduate students and a pig-nosed turtle we bought because nobody joined this year.

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