Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas Lists

So we're within six weeks of Christmas now, which means I'm getting continuous pestering from parents and various relatives about what sort of stuff I want for Christmas. Usually the offer of people giving me free stuff would be awesome, but I can't actually think of anything I particularly want this year. I'd quite like a fairly big second monitor to use with my laptop, but other than that I'm pretty much out of ideas. I'd also like a PS3 but those things are expensive, and I doubt I'd be able to get both a PS3 and a monitor.

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The main problem with all of this is that I pretty much already have anything that I immediately want. I'm not saying this in a "har har I'm so spoilt/rich" sort of way. It's just that I generally don't really want that much stuff, and when I do I just buy it myself. I'm no longer a kid with very little pocket money who basically needs to wait for Christmas and Birthdays to get things. I've had jobs, with those jobs I got money and bought the fairly small number of things that I actually want in my life, and now I've run out of stuff. That, and I've got twenty years of Christmases and birthdays under my belt, and I've accrued a fair amount of stuff through those as well.

Mostly I blame Amazon. For example, I'd quite like a Thermos mug so I can bring tea/coffee to lectures and not have to get up early and drink it in my room. It'd make quite a nice Christmas present from someone, except I don't want to wait until next term to have it. I'd quite like it now, and given I can get one on Amazon for a fiver and it'll be in my possession by Wednesday, it feels dumb waiting for it.

Basically, fuck the concept that I'm having to write a Christmas list when we're not even halfway through November. It'd be easier to think of things I wanted if it didn't come with the condition that I also need to wait six weeks for it. I basically need to ask for things that I want, but that I don't want enough to require it now.

Money would be useful, as always. I have finite amounts of it, and if I want to go to Japan next September then I'll probably need quite a bit of it. Thing is, it always seems like such a dumb thing to ask for. It sort of undermines the whole spirit of giving gifts if you're just handing out cash and cheques. The other issue is that asking for money means I frequently get given vouchers, and I'm really not a fan of vouchers.

Really, I open this up to you guys reading this to recommend me stuff I might want. Despite the nature of this post, I assure you that I don't have that much stuff and there's probably plenty that I would actually want if someone suggested it, but I've not been able to think of while brainstorming for Christmas list ideas. Books would probably be a decent thing to go for, because I don't really read novels unless someone actively pushes me into them, and there's very little on my bookshelf that isn't either a textbook, manga, or books from when I was a kid.

So yeah, aside from "clearly you're a spoiled fuckface with everything in the world and you should ask for donations to charity", suggestions below please.

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